How do I prepare for JEE (Main) in 3 months?

  • How do I prepare for JEE (Main) in 3 months?

  • With a little determination and focus you can easily crack JEE mains, here are some of the tips that will help you in achieving your goal:

    Seeing that you have only 3 months in your hands, I assume that you have already started your preparation.

    At this point of time, you should start revising class 11th topics (if you haven't already).

    Often students keep class 11th revision for the final hour and find that they are short of time to complete the revision of the entire syllabus. DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES PUT YOURSELF IN THAT SITUATION. It will take some time to refresh all the concepts of class 11th if you are a class 12th student and if your are a dropper, I assume you are well acquainted with all the concepts of class 11 by now, if not start working on it.

    Divide your syllabus in 3 parts for each subject. Easy, Moderate, and Hard. Easy means those chapters which are just meant to be learnt and not understood much. Hard are those chapters which have very deep concepts, not formulas. Moderate means those chapters which requires you to know only the formulas to do the question. Start with easy topics then move on to moderate and hard topics, this will boost your self confidence and also encourage you to work harder.

    By this time you should be completely done with NCERT, if not, start right away, do not underestimate the power of NCERT.

    Seeing that the competition level is extremely high for this examination, you can not rely on just one book for preparation, it is important that you refer the right set of books.

    Here are some suggestions-


    • NCERT - Treat NCERT (both class 11th and 12th) like an old friend, get familiar with each and every sentence of it especially for physics and chemistry, practice all the solved and unsolved questions. By doing so you will find solving conceptual questions easier.
    • HC Verma
    • SL ARORA


    • NCERT- It is really important that you are well acquainted with each and every sentnce of the NCERT.
    • BANSAL


    • NCERT
    • RD Sharma

    I am sure you are well aware of the importance of solving previous years question papers, I would suggest you practice previous years question papers chapter wise, as soon as you are completely done with one chapter start solving previous years questions of that chapter.

    Make a plan of how many topics you have to cover every week, and stick to it!

    Dedicate at least 5-7 hours a day on weekdays and more on holidays/ weekends for the rest of the year and you will get along just fine.


    Keeping the best for the last…

    Practice as much as you can, this will not only help you improve your speed but also help in decreasing your fear of the difficult topics.

    Someone’s rightly said, “Practice makes a man perfect.”

    I cannot stress more on the importance of self study, a major portion of you might be enrolled to some coaching institute or other, be regular and don’t skip any lecture (even if it’s of a topic you are an expert in), but don’t just limit your preparation to coaching only, Self study is a must.

    Here are certain tips, that will also come in handy-

    Master the concepts- It is extremely important to achieve your goal that you are well acquainted with all the concepts.
    Focus more on moderate questions, as difficult questions will take more time to master (which you are short on) and also you will be easily able to score 200+ by mastering moderate questions..
    Devote time to all the subjects.
    Get at least 8 hours of sleep everyday, one of the most important thing that often students tend to neglect is their brain, it too needs rest which it gets from sleep. 8 hours of sleep will ensure that your brain gets proper rest and will improve its retaining power.
    While preparing it is a given you will have doubts, please do not hesitate from asking your doubts (no matter how small they may be).

    Soon you will be able to ask your doubts related to Chemistry and Physics on Doubtnut.

    At the moment you can only get your doubts related to Maths cleared on Doubtnut.

    All you have to do is click a picture of your question and upload it on Doubtnut app, answer with explanation will be provided to you instantly.

    Doubtnut is absolutely free.

    You need to understand that at this point of time you need to put in a lot of focus and hard work.

    With that been said…


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