• Which-book-is-best-for-preparation-of-physics-for-NEET

  • Okay! Let me answer your question in short and crisp way. I know these answers filled with so many options, you’re probably confused .

    • Physics has been the rank deciding factor for the past 2–3 years as the calculation level has increased . so make sure you practice enough questions.

    • H C VERMA and D C PANDEY are probably the best book you can follow for your NEET preparations.

    • These books build a strong theory base. If your theory is strong then it’ll be easy for you to solve pretty much any question .

    • Another thing, D C PANDEY is better than H C VERMA in terms of the quality of questions . So if you wanna solve good quality question while building a good base of concepts, then D C Pandey is the book for you.

    Other than that, you can follow

    • AIIMS Explorer by MTG Editorial Board for more objective questions.

    • Fundamentals of Physics-Halliday, Resnik and Walker which is good for learning in depth theory .

    • Along with the above mentioned books, solve as many previous year question papers as possible, and you’ll be good to go:)

    You can also use Doubtnut for any doubts that may arise while studying. All you have to do is click a picture of your doubt and send it to us on this number 8-4-0-0-4-0-0-4-0 and you'll be provided with answer videos instantly!

    Hope this was helpful.

    All the best!!

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