Which is a better place to study, IIT Delhi or IIT Bombay?

  • Which is a better place to study, IIT Delhi or IIT Bombay?

  • IIT Bombay.

    Let me tell you why-

    • IITB has a better campus and is situated in a better area. Both Hauz Khas and Powai are really posh neighborhoods but Powai is a class apart.

    • IITB and IITD both have similar research scope, but IITB holds the edge so far ( More patents and papers).

    • IITB has the better “Employer Reputation” as per QS. Placements at IITB better than IITD.

    • IITB has NO restrictions of any sort.
      If you walk around naked in the street, you’ll just be judged, not objected against. Boys allowed in girls hostels and vice versa. (even common hostels for boys and girls for freshers) No dress code, No Internet restriction, No LAN Ban. (Don’t go naked into lectures though)

    • Bombay has a better climate.

    • IITB has the financial capital advantage- a whole lot of better opportunities for the non-core sector, which is seeing a surge now in engineering branches.

    • IITB has quite a few BS programmes - The BS Economics/Mathematics/Chemistry which is not present in IITD. These BS programmes are hybrids between engineering and applied science. This gives extreme scope for research and at the same time, applied fields.

    • IITD has redundant BTech programmes- BTech Textile, BTech BioTech, most students of these just go for non-core jobs and a corporate life. Even the EP/Mech department. But there is a quite good scope in research/ core if you graduate from IITB EP.

    • IITB attracts famous personalities more often. Just recently, in a span of fewer than 3 months, it got visited by PM Narendra Modi, Brett Lee, Sadhguru, Yami Gautam, etc.

    • IIT Bombay has better hostels for its freshers.

    Although the interdisciplinary research might be a tad bit more in IITD, IITB is growing at a humongous rate. It also beat IITD and IISc in the QS rankings.
    I believe for IITB/D to get in <100 in QS, they should focus on Research more.
    In short, both are premier institutes which have the potential to rub shoulders with the best in the world. The Indian Government is working hard to achieve this and with proper funding and organization, it could be achieved in a span of years,

    But IITB has overtaken IITD for now.

    All the best !!!

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