What are the smart tips for self studying?

  • What are the smart tips for self studying?

  • Well when you need to study for something effectively, either you can work hard for it, or you can work smart for it.

    I would say smart work is the key. You can complete a chapter either in 2 hours or in 4 hours and still give the same output. So it’s best to do that in 2 hours right? That would be the smart work to do.

    Here are some tips that might help.

    Make a to-do list everyday: Before studying, you need to set a target of what you are going to study and what all topic will you cover. Once you make a list, you will have a clear idea in your mind and you will focus on that instead of wasting your time. Also do not add anything to the list once the list is made.

    Stay focused: Now before you start studying, put your mobile on silent, turn off your notifications, switch off social media and then sit to study. You cannot get distracted while studying and this is the best way you can be helped.

    One task at a time: Whenever you sit to study, remember to do one thing at a time. You cannot go on doing things along with studying. Once you complete the target, reward yourself. This will motivate you and your output will increase.

    Eat healthy: When you eat healthy, your mind stays fresh and you feel positive. When you feel positive, you will get a complete boost in your result. You will start understanding better. Remember, sound mind rests in a sound body.

    Take a break: Studying for long periods of time can cause lack of concentration and sleepy. So it’s best if you take a break after studying for an hour and stretch a little. Get your mind back on track.

    These are the tips to be followed. Here is a video that will help.

  • Before presenting you with tips that can help you match their level, I want to say one really important thing first and that is it is not about where you get the education from but how you many efforts you are putting in to retain that education, you can not expect yourself to be a better candidate just because you have been taking coaching.

    Coaching is not necessary : Yes, coaching is not necessary but guidance is you can not expect yourself to read books and get a good hold on every concept present, you will need some sort of method to keep yourself updated with every query of yours and for this you can use “Doubtnut WhatsApp assistance on 8400400400” you can get all your doubts clear here by just sending the picture of your doubt and within seconds you will have your reply.
    Disciplined Routine is also one of the most important aspects for a JEE aspirant, one must keep sure to follow his time table in terms of learning, revision and everything else. one just not take any day off you must be ready to practice all the time.
    Practice Papers are must for JEE preparation, one must time himself while attempting practice papers this way he can have the idea of how it will be in the exams and not to mention the number of new questions one will get, to get access to practice papers one anyone can download Doubtnut app and help themselves with it.
    Positive Mindset will play a very big role in your preparation you can not afford to lose your focus because of some sort of unnecessary pressure, which would help you in no way, you must stay positive and have a belief that you can do it.
    With the right amount of self-belief, guidance, and self-study, without any doubt, you will match the level of students who have opted for coaching and who knows one might even rise level for them.

    JEE mains is one of those exams recognized globally and for the very same reason this is one of the hardest exam students appear in, and if you are aiming for something that hard you must be ready to prepare accordingly because I feel, preparation is the journey that will take you much far with your result, if you prepare the right way you will find result accordingly. So some of the steps that I am going to share next I believe would help you getting your preparation process right
    What needs Your focus first: For every student prioritising their chapters is the hardest part, they usually spend much time attempting and practicing questions which might not get them as much result as other chapters, for instance, you can not expect calculus and probability to have the same amount of questions in the examination, therefore, your approach in preparing the same must be different, spending same amount of time on every concept would be good learning but denoting time according to subject is smart learning and JEE is the exam only for smart people.
    Consistency: you can not expect yourself to learn something and then not following it later everything you learn needs to be revised regularly. You just can not think of cutting down your studying hours and several questions you practice must get up with each passing day only with this consistency you will be able to master two most important things required to crack JEE and those are speed and accuracy.
    Never Stress to Much over One Question: In the examination students generally get stuck on one question and they just can’t move past that question and in order to get that right they spent too much time on that and even if they get it right, they usually end up taking too much time, so its better to leave such questions for last

    There are n number of tips and n number of solutions but I believe focusing on these 3 things will get you a much better result than following many ideas, and of course, practice is must, every question every concept needs your attention to make sure your success, you make sure that you work for your goals.

  • Here are some tips which I have learned over the course of time. You should also adapt them as soon as possible because studying hard is not the thing now, studying ‘smart’ is the key.

    • Well, first thing first. Environment of studying should be favorable to you. As bacteria and virus grow in a particular environment, you also need your study environment or study setting. Mostly, silent places are the best for studying, generally where no one is around, like your personal room at home. I personally learn by speaking loud because my mind needs to hear my voice for learning a particular thing. For you, it might be different, but silent places are awesome ones for studying.

    • Do revision of all the stuff once every week, especially the basic formulas and important concepts. Well, it is found that if you go on repeating a thing for about 21 days, it stays in your mind. Like ABC we learnt in lower classes. Right now if I ask you, you’ll take a second and will spell out the whole alphabetical order.

    • Long study sessions can lead to your fatigue. You mind will not be able to learn after a particular point. So, for this reason, keep shifting between the focused mode and diffused mode. After 50 min concentrated study, take 10-15 min break, do walk or take a small nap. For learning, there’s two step method - gaining and absorbing the information. Focused mode helps in gain and diffused mode in absorbing.

    • Always make notes of the things you are learning because after a week, you don’t need to study the whole text again. Your hand made notes would suffice.

    • Don’t listen to music while you study. It leads to multi-tasking which is a myth. Multi tasking is not possible in homo-sapiens (human beings). So, concentrate to the thing you are learning.

    • Testing yourself is the key. Don’t get disheartened because you were not able to do all the questions correctly. We learn by doing, not be cramming. Go back, revise and the again attempt that test with full enthusiasm. You’ll surely get better and better after few attempts.

    • Try difficult problems before sleeping. I don’t know whether someone has written this or not, but its my personal experience during the JEE preparation days. Trying to solve difficult questions before sleep helped me a lot. There is a thing called sub conscious mind which is a lot more powerful than our actual mind (focused mind). I have came up with solutions or a part of solution to a particular difficult problem and you should always try this. This might sound illogical, but it is one of the best techniques and has been used by a lot of innovators to solve and innovate when stuck.

    Hope these tips are able to help you study smart.

    All the best !!!

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