What is the scope of chemical engineering from IIT Delhi?

  • What is the scope of chemical engineering from IIT Delhi?

  • Chemical engineering may very well be the most underrated branch of IIT Delhi. I chose this branch for my love for chemistry, but in no time did I realize that chemistry and chemical engineering have very little in common, it would be like comparing apples and cats(we know they both are living creatures).

    So coming to the answer, there are two aspects to understand chemical engineering - (a) while undergoing chemical engineering, (b) prospects after completing the chemical engineering degree.

    Note : The whole scope of my answer is based on IIT Delhi.

    (a) While undergoing chemical engineering

    Though it varies from person to person how effectively he can manage time and do multiple activities, an average student usually finds it difficult in effectively pursuing extra-curricular activities due to academic overburden in branches like Computer, Electrical and Mathematics. In branches like Civil, Textile and Biotech, you will find almost every student engaged full time in some or the other extra-curricular activities. Chemical engineering is one branch which, I feel, has a right balance of academic burden and gives just sufficient time for an average student to pursue things he likes apart from his course books, without hindering his grades too much.

    Talking about the professors of the department, its best to maintain a professional relations with them, as depicting yourself to be a sincere student with regular attendance. The more you go off the mark, the more you are likely to fall prey to random wrath of any of the professor. Though there are some professors, who are exceptions to this. The point is, most of the professors were themselves IITians, especially Delhiites, and they are worried at the so called degrading standard of academic quality of present students, and they cant bear it.

    Talking about the courses, some of them are really fun, but you would really not find them interesting as you are already in one of the most interesting place in India(which is interesting, not because of academics). The labs are not of "IIT" standard, but you would stop caring about it soon.

    Talking about your colleagues in the department, those are some of the best friends you would ever find. Sex ratio has been one of the healthiest in the college.

    An advice, if you fall for a girl in the department, go and settle it as fast as you can, either you will succeed or you will not. Don't wait for the right moment, there is no such thing as the right moment and you will get miserable with time.

    (b) Prospects after completing the chemical engineering degree

    The current scenario of placements is such that, students of all departments have competitive prospects in almost all non-core fields, like finance, analyst, consulting, supply chain, IT, business development, Civil services. What you need to get such jobs is completely independent of what department you are in.

    Specifically talking of job relevant to your degree

    • Core Sector - You can get a job in chemical engineering core sector like Pharmaceuticals, Petroleum, Cement, Polymers, Food etc. Some important companies are GSK, ITC, HUL, Hospira, Jubliant, Reliance, Honeywell, Dr. Reddy's etc. Roles in these companies vary from production, quality control, supply chain, sales, research and development etc. For these you would need a decent grade, some good projects and internships and few extracurrics. You can earn really good money being in core sector as the growth is good and environment is competitive.

    • Sarkari Core - You can prepare for GATE for jobs in public sectors like ONGC, IOCL, SAIL etc. Believe me the government jobs are really boring and you would need self-motivation to deal with the environment. Its hard to bring about big changes due to excessive bureaucraic hurdles. Work is slow, growth is slow.

    • Higher Education - You can go for higher education like MS, MBA or PhD. For MS and PhD, you would need a really good grade and really good projects and internships, also good words from your professors. If you are really into these, better get ready right from your second year. You can also go for it if you want a long term or permanent settlement in some other country and are really really interested in academics.

    These are the broad categories, but not complete. Essentially you can do anything, given your talents and desire.

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