How should one prepare to score above 95% in the class 12th CBSE boards (PCM stream)?

  • How should one prepare to score above 95% in the class 12th CBSE boards (PCM stream)?

  • As you wish to score above 95% in the exams, you will have to put in extra efforts, and you need to realize that reaching your goal is not going to be easy, the journey is going to be tiring and a lot of hardwork will be required.

    With that been said…

    First things first, know your syllabus and chapter wise marks distribution-


    Solid State
    Chemical Kinetics
    Surface Chemistry
    Combined total of first five chapters - 23

    Isolation of Elements
    p-Block Elements
    d- and f-Block Elements
    Coordination Compounds
    Combined total of four chapters - 19

    Haloalkanes and Haloarenes
    Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers
    Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids
    Organic Compounds containing Nitrogen
    Chemistry in Everyday Life
    Combined total of last seven chapters - 28

    (Individual chapter marks distribution is not provided by CBSE.)


    Electric Charges and Fields
    Electrostatic Potential and Capacitance
    Current Electricity
    Combined total of first three chapters - 15

    Moving Charges and Magnetism
    Magnetism and Matter
    Electromagnetic Induction
    Alternating Current
    Combined total of four chapters - 16

    Electromagnetic Waves
    Ray Optics and Optical Instruments
    Wave Optics
    Combined total of three chapters - 17

    Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter
    Combined total of three chapters - 10

    Semiconductor Electronics: Materials, Devices and Simple Circuits
    Communication Systems
    Combined total of last two chapters - 12

    (Individual chapter marks distribution is not provided by CBSE.)

    This will help you plan how much time should be dedicated to each chapter.

    Practice from NCERT and then move on to any other reference book.

    Pick up any one chapter of your choice, finish with the direct part then start with numerical, after finishing numerical move on to conceptual questions.

    Pick up one chapter at a time, be done with it completely then only move to next chapter.

    Make your notes yourself, many students believe making notes is a waste of time and prefer getting other students notes photo copied instead, making notes yourself can be an amazing way for revision and also at the final hour, you will feel more comfortable studying from your own notes.

    Lastly, practice solving previous years question paper and CBSE sample papers, this will give you an idea of how questions are asked in boards and also help you work on your speed.

    While preparing it is a given you will have doubts, please do not hesitate from asking your doubts (no matter how small they may be).

    By the end of July this year you will be able to ask your doubts related to Chemistry and Physics on Doubtnut.

    All you will have to do is click a picture of your question and upload it on Doubtnut app, answer will be provided to you instantly.

    Doubtnut is absolutely free.

    Good Luck!

  • Nobody is a born topper student. People do have an aptitude and have inner talents. But apart from that, with proper guidance and hard work, anybody can score in board exams or competitive exams. Hence, here are some tips are given for scoring 95% above in 12 the boards:-
    1.Regular studies and completing your syllabus on time help you to win half the game. Complete your projects and practicals on the day they are assigned and get them out of your way

    1. Start with easier chapters first and gradually proceed to topics that you find more difficult. With basics brushed up, you will find that even the more difficult topics will meltdown to simpler easier concepts.

    2. For subjects like Maths, Physics, and Chemistry, solve at least 5 to 10 questions daily without failure.

    3. For physics, go through the chapter and study all the given derivations. Then write only the formula and key points of all the derivations so that when you’ll shuffle through them, it would be like an entire movie rewinding in your head.

    4. For chemistry, the first aim primarily on organic chemistry. Formulate a table stating the name of all the reaction, reaction pathway (if it’s important, like for Cannizzaro reaction, etc), and miscellaneous questions as the headings.

    5. At least two months before the exam, your focus should shift to the revision of chapters you already know, solving past year question papers and getting your doubts cleared.

    7..Many CBSE board exam questions are directly picked up from NCERT textbooks. So, read the ncert books carefully.
    8. Solve past papers every day: Solving two to three sample or past questions papers will help you a lot as it will help you manage your time better and get your rhythm going. But, don’t overburden yourself as there are two other subjects as well. You should give equal time to all subjects.
    9. Regular revision of the entire syllabus, not just your important chapters and concepts but also the ones that you have mastered, is a must for everyone. After practicing, you can check your preparation summary which will pinpoint areas of improvement.
    10..Medical students must practice their diagrams. Flowcharts and cycles can be a good way to learn lengthy processes otherwise seem too difficult to learn.
    11.When there is something you need to do to achieve your goals, do it at once. AVOID procrastinating. Often, it is the starting the preparation that is very difficult for everyone but once you begin, the actions just flow and before you know it, you are following a habit that is required to clear Board exam.

    12...On the day of the exam, do not worry about the topics you have not covered well. Most chapters do not carry more than 4 to 5 marks in the board question paper. So, you will still be equipped with more than ammunition to hit off those marks!

    Best books for boards preparation
    The books I've mentioned below will boost your marks. I have used these books for board preparation and secured more than 95% in CBSE boards. 8 out of 10 friends, whom I suggested these reference books have secured good marks in CBSE board examinations.
    Let's start:

    1. Pradeep's Fundamental book of Physics and Chemistry.its an excellent collection of numerical problems.
    2. R.D. Sharma for mathematics .its a wide variety of problems. Some very challenging and hard questions are sprinkled in solved examples. Each year direct questions are asked from RD Sharma.
      3. SL Arora for physics.
      4. I know how painful it is to go through NCERT Textbook but they are most important for board exam
      5. Arihant solved previous year question book

    All the best.

    Cheers and Love
    Vartika Singh

  • You can score above 95% in the class 12th CBSE boards, if you study with hard work and dedication.

    Here are some tips that will help you in preparing for the 12th boards:

    1. Make a disciplined routine/time table and follow it diligently without any excuses. When you are much stressed out after studying for a very long period of time, try solving questions that will actually freshen you up. Do not waste time on mobile or internet.

    2. Study every single day thoroughly, Try to study with 100% focus and concentration. While studying concepts, try to write simultaneously in a notebook the key terms that will actually be retained in your mind for a longer time

    3. Never skip a single day without solving questions based on the concepts you study

    4. Try to immediately solve related questions as and when you finish a theory (May it be MCQ or subjective questions)

    5. Once you are done with the chapter, do summarize that chapter and create a chapter map in your mind, this will help you know what exactly you have studied and it will also help you to remember a topic for a long time

    6. Never keep your doubts unsolved. Take the help of your faculties or friends and clear your doubts on same day

    7. Learn to present your answer Just knowing the concept is not enough, you should be able to present it on the exam paper in such a manner that the examiner gets impressed by looking at key points of your answer

    8. Lastly before exams, solve as many mock and sample tests as you can.

    9. Try to finish your entire syllabus 3 months before your Board exams. It is important to Solve previous 10 years CBSE examination questions, that will help you to know the pattern & types of questions that can come in your exam. Try to actually sit in for a mock exam without any disturbance and a time limit as given in a board exam. This will remove your exam fear & build confidence in you.

    10. Take small breaks, eat well, sleep well and most often do breathing exercises. Never compare yourself with others rather always try to challenge yourself.

    If you follow these tips and study with full focus and motivation, i guarantee, you will be able to score above 95% in the class 12th CBSE board examination.

    If you need NCERT solutions and if you encounter any doubt in your preparation, feel free to use our Doubtnut app, and we will provide you with the video solution of your doubt instantly.

    Hope this helps.

    Best of Luck!!

  • Class 12th is without any doubt in my mind is one of the biggest milestone in any students life, here in India, and when this class is followed by one of the toughest and most prestigious examination we have ever known with the immense amount of competition, the expectations from the students rises at a significant pace, with the kind of competition the students are exposed to during this examination, the greed or the will power to score maximum and being the best has also increased with and competition has come to the level where marks below 95%are considered bad or low.

    When a student decides to pursue B.Tech and starts preparing for the one of the most prestigious and competitive exam that exists, it becomes really important to choose the right books for the preparation or else the future he is trying to make might not turn out the way it should have been, therefore for JEE the most vital aspect required for clearing JEE is guidance, only a well guided student can be expected to crack such competitive exam, right books will only put you to the path of right guidance, they will make you curious, you will be asking questions and only after that you would have the right sense if you are on the right path.

    Books are without any doubt the best way anyone can prepare and following I have mentioned the best books you can get in the market to achieve your goal:


    Concepts of Physics by HC Verma Vol-1 and Vol-2 : These books really helps students at the beginners level, where they are new to concepts and problems, questions in these books aren’t really helpful to get you through JEE but if you are looking to build a rhythm for you then surely these can help you into making a good routine for yourself
    Understanding Physics of ELECTRICITY & MAGNETISM: DC Pandey is the author of this wonderful book and by far it has been the best ranked book by the topers.
    Understanding Physics for JEE Main & Advanced OPTICS & MODERN PHYSICS by DC Pandey: DC Pandey has written books for different specific topics and for optics and modern physics This has to be one of the best book available in the market
    Understanding Physics for JEE Main & Advanced WAVES & THERMODYNAMICS: If your waves and thermodynamics are struggling and you are looking for a book which can not only give you quality questions but will also provide you with enough text for concept clearing then I believe DC Pandey is the answer for you
    Concepts of Modern Physics (SIE): This book is authored by Arthur, Sobita Mahajan and S. Rai Choudhury, this book without a doubt has to be a must have book for JEE aspirants, no other book I believe explains the concept of modern physics better than this.
    Physics Vol-1 and Vol-2 : written by Resnick Halliday this is a great book for theory and non trivial problems and without any doubt has to be one of the best book available.


    New Pattern Textbook of Physical Chemistry: for Competitions (JEE Main & Advanced) Vol-1 and Vol-2: the best book for physical chemistry for any competitive exam that you will find in any market or so
    Modern Approach to Chemical Calculations by: one of the best book given by RC Mukherjee is one of the top book for clearing any competitive exam
    Numerical Chemistry 22/e: P Bahadur has given this one of the best book for student looking to crack JEE, and this book has been recommended by many top rankers
    Organic Chemistry by Robert Thornton Morrison: This is the best possible book for organic chemistry and students sometimes opt for OP Tondon and I believe this book can be given preference over any other book for organic chemistry
    Concise Inorganic Chemistry: by JD Lee a great book for inorganic chemistry. This book will help you to achieve the conceptual knowledge of the subject rather than encouraging cramming of different topics


    RD Sharma class 11th and RD Sharma class 12th: Students mostly underestimate the value of school level books and fail to understand that these school level books are actually the ones which lays the foundation for your learning years and the rhythm which students often can’t find even after so many years are actually build up by these
    Co-ordinate Geometry for IIT-JEE: authored by SK Goyal is indeed a very good book for coordinate geometry and it has an excellent quality of subjective questions.
    Differential Calculus for IIT-JEE: calculus is without any doubt is one of the most important topic in the Maths and this book explains calculus like no other and without a doubt is the best book for learning calculus
    COURSE in MATHEMATICS for IIT-JEE (TMH): In maths the more you practice the more you learn method is preached and when it comes to problems soliving this book provides students with the best problems for JEE level.

    These books are obviously very highly recommended books for JEE aspirants but one must not put down the value of NCERT books, these books helps you built a confidence, a rhythm, and foundation that you need.

    So one must religiously follow these books and in case you make acquaintance with some doubts then you can get it solved on Doubtnut WhatsApp platform, just click a picture of your doubt and upload it on 8400400400, and within seconds you will have your answer.

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