How is the placement in NIT Jamshedpur for EE?

  • How is the placement in NIT Jamshedpur for EE?

  • This year NIT Jamshedpur had a very good placement session, Here is a list of top recruiter for EE branch--

    1. Works application 33 lpa(last year)

    2. Trident @21

    3. Tata motors @ 9.88

    4. Vedanta @7.6

    5. Maruti Suzuki @ 6.2

    6. Oracle@ 7.5

    7. Groffer@9

    8. Tata steel @8.33

    9. Honda R&D --8.25(visits only selective colleges,,)

    10. UHG--9.8

    11. Tata metaliks @7.5

    12. Musigma@6

    13. ZS associate@6.4

    L&T,verify,sapient and a lot of famous companies visited this year for electrical engineer at NIT Jamshedpur.

    And for offcampus


    Every year some new companies add to this list and no.of companies visiting is growing and growing year after year.

    This year the main reason of so hyped placement of NIT Jsr Was because of Trident, it took 11 students from core branches @ 21 lpa..such package are very less expected for core branch students at NIT or IIT.

    Hope it helps.

    All the best !!!

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