How do I start preparing for JEE Mains and Advanced 2020 if I can not afford coaching?

  • How do I start preparing for JEE Mains and Advanced 2020 if I can not afford coaching?

  • Well dude,

    Look if you're a regular student in your school and if you are good in studies then JEE mains will not be a problem for you the real problem lies in advanced but don't worry.

    First of all, ncert is the backbone and you will not be able to excel in JEE without ncert particularly in chem and physics. But you'll have to work your ass off. As you're in 12th(maybe) you will have to extract time for you 11th syllabus also. Go through ncert thoroughly. After that you can look for any book you want. Be wise in selection of your books. Solve previous year papers. RD Sharma in maths and HC Verma in physics.

    Important point which i will recommend u:-

    Fulfil targets on a daily basis: Your daily study plan must include learning and revision so assign daily goals for you and fulfil them. This will boost your confidence and avoid time wastage.

    Practice solving past year papers: Once you are through with a concept or chapter, solve past years’ papers (at least last 8-10 years). This will guide you about the transition in the pattern of questions and will prepare you for what to anticipate.

    Subject-wise planning: Based on your preference, select subject wise topics to be covered each day. Remember your weakness may be someone else’s strength so never ignore a less favourite topic. Refer to the latest JEE Advanced syllabus for your study plan.

    The clarity in concepts: Develop a clear thinking process so that the moment you see a question you know the correct theory or formula to be used.

    From basics to classics: Always start from the fundamentals and then gradually move up further. In this way, you can tackle even a difficult problem as you are well-versed with the concept. Straight away jumping to an advanced level problem is not a good idea.

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