How do I study biology for the NEET?

  • How do I study biology for the NEET?

  • First of all it is necessary to understand that NEET entrance exam has a very vast syllabus, and all of it would not be covered by referring to just one book you need to practice solving at least 4–5 books . Thorough preparation and revision is needed for all three subjects.

    Here are some of the tips that I personally feel are best for preparation of NEET:


    • The most important book that will ensure that you score 300/360 in biology if you are thorough with it, is NCERT (both class 11th and 12th).

    • Once you’re confident that everything from the NCERT is on your tips then move to other books.

    • For next step of preparation you can refer to Trueman and ABC.

    • The third step would be additional notes/ study materials provided by Aakash.

    • The final step would be solving test series, it is essential that after the completion of syllabus you solve minimum 30 test series, this will help you in increasing your speed and also will be a good exercise for your brain and will help to to retain the required information at the time of examination.

    While preparing it is a given you will have doubts, please do not hesitate from asking your doubts (no matter how small they may be).

    Good Luck.

    We at DOUBTNUT are always there to help you.

  • With the board just a few months away, time is going fly for neet aspirants and in no time the competitive exams will be underway. All the pre-medical exams, Biology, being the highest scoring subject, can assure you good rank if you have prepared well. Most of the questions of Biology are based on concepts of NCERT. As both botany and zoology carry equal marks, equal attention is to be paid on the preparation of both section
    To help you deal with all the information for NEET Biology, we have brought up key points for you given below.

    Please, have a look!

    NEET Biology syllabus
    Biology is divided into two parts. Before we take you to the study essentials, we would like you to go through the basic info about the two parts of NEET Biology -


    1. Zoology

    Zoology is a very interesting but complicated subject of Biology Syllabus. It deals with the studies of the Animal Kingdom including the structures, evolution, classification, embryology, habits, and distribution of both animals - living & extinct. Through Zoology, you can study how the animals interact with each other and with the ecosystem.

    Zoology comprises the topics like -

    Animal Diversity
    Human Physiology
    Animal Husbandry
    Animal Tissue
    Human Reproduction
    Human Health & Disease

    Zoology mainly comprises 45 questions in the neet exam and among those, most are easy and moderate to attempt. Considering the level of zoology questions, experts say that in the entrance exam, almost 35% questions with high difficulty level & 15% questions with an easy level.

    1. Botany

    Botany also is known as Plant Science or Phytology is an important part of NEET Biology & Science of Plant Life. A person specialized in the field of plant study is known as Plant Scientist or botanist.
    Modern Botany deals with plant structure, reproduction, biochemistry, growth, differentiation, & disease & plant taxonomy, primary metabolism development.

    Botany mainly consists of 50% questions of moderate difficulty level; 35% questions are of high difficulty level and 15% questions are of an easy level. On the other hand, topics like Biotechnology and Genetics carry high weightage followed by Ecology in the exam.

    Important topics of Botany-

    Plant Physiology
    Plant Reproduction
    Plant Anatomy
    Plant Morphology
    Cell Biology & Cell Division
    Genetics & Biotechnology
    Biology in Human Welfare
    Plant Diversity

    Tips to prepare biology for NEET.
    • Try reading in between the lines i.e. try to understand the meaning of each line. Each time you go through your chapter like photosynthesis, you’ll definitely find something new every time. In order to concentrate, make sure you are free of unnecessary
    thoughts in your subconscious that distract you.
    • Try to mark or note those points which you confuse or forget often. Don’t mark each and every line. Try to keep the text clean, this technique will also increase your reading speed. But at the same time, I also don’t mean that you stop noting the important points.
    • Another thing is, there are some parts that are given quite thorough in your NCERT book and there is only little text in your class notes that’s not included in NCERT. Instead of reading these topics from both places, try to note those new points in your NCERT margin space. This is really helpful. I also did this for many topics during my preparation time.
    • Make sure you read the summary every time after completing one chapter. It has many new and important points.
    • You can also try noting down NCERT points on a slip [by this I strictly refer to the selected points only, say 2 to 5 lines per page], and read these whenever you get time like before meals or before sleep, etc., this technique is very helpful in memorizing chapters like mineral nutrition etc.
    I hope it helps.
    Good luck

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