What are the best websites to get doubts cleared?

  • What are the best websites to get doubts cleared?

  • Hi!!

    I have the perfect answer for your question.

    Doubtnut is the app that you need if you want a space where all your doubts can be cleared instantly. All you need to do is ask or click a photo of your question and send it on the app. I’ll add the link of the site below.

    You can ask any doubts from chemistry,physics or maths, and you’ll be provided with an answer video .

    Link: https://doubtnut.com/

  • Unacademy is good . It is free and will always be as its founders say.

    Try Doubtnut for the same .You can get the video lectures and lot more of all the topics there.

    These online platforms don’t charge even a penny and are a great helping hand to students in remote villages who can’t afford to pay a whooping sum of money to get coaching in reputed institutes.

    Actually, they have recently launched a new feature which is quite amazing.

    Doubtnut has taken an worth-appreciating initiative to solve this problem. It has launched a whatsapp number:

    8400 400 400

    You just have to send the picture of your maths doubt and a whatsapp bot will connect to you instantly and provide you with the video solution of your queries.


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