How can I score at least 350 marks in JEE advanced?

  • How can I score at least 350 marks in JEE advanced?

  • To score 350 marks in JEE Advanced you need to do a lot of hard work and smart work. The first thing to prepare for any competitive exam is to have a good strategy or plan, JEE Advanced preparation requires a planned schedule so that all the sections of the examination are covered well. To create a proper and successful preparation plan you need to take into account the exam syllabus, pattern, books, practice, mock tests, revision and more.

    Here are some of the best tips that will help you in scoring 350 marks in JEE Advanced:

    1. You need to formulate a good time table. To do that you need to know the weightage of every chapter in the syllabus and divide those chapters to dedicate them to a particular time frame like a month or week.

    2. In the time table you need dedicate at least 6 hours a day for studying and between those 6 hours you have to schedule at least 3 breaks, otherwise you will get stressed which will affect your health as well as your concentration level.

    3. You can start your preparation from NCERT books. It will help you in understanding the concepts and will create a strong base for your preparation.

    4. You need to create short notes and write down the formulas to memorize and revise them.

    5. To score 350 marks studying from NCERT books is not enough, you have to refer to some other advanced level books also like IE. Irodov, DC Pandey, Resnick Halliday ,etc.

    6. When you are done with the theory and formulas you need to move on to solving problems. You can start by solving basic problems from the NCERT and move your way up to difficult problems from other reference books like Arihant.

    7. You have to try to understand every problem conceptually and should not look at the solution directly without attempting to solve the problem at least 2 times.

    8. As I said before hard work is needed to crack JEE Advanced, so you need to keep practising until you are confident about the topic.

    9. After this you need to start solving previous year papers and mock tests to increase your speed and accuracy and to know your status of your level of preparation.

    10. When you are solving problems and giving mock tests, you are bound have some doubts and queries but you should not worry. You can get all your doubts cleared through our Doubtnut app for free and can also discuss your problems whenever you think you are stuck on a topic. So don’t pile up your doubts and get them cleared as soon as possible.

    11. You need to keep yourself motivated and focused on your goal and you should not lose sight of your target. Whenever you feel burdened or stressed, you need to take a break, take your mind off things, cool off, self introspect and start again.

    12. You need to try to maintain the balance between the 3 subjects.

    13. Time management is very important during the exam if you want to score good marks in JEE Advanced. You can start your exam with chemistry because it is easy and you need to spend the least amount of time to get the maximum marks so that you can use the time you saved on chemistry to solve lengthy questions of maths and physics.

    As I said before scoring 350 in JEE Mains is not an easy task you need to keep practicing, keep solving test series and get rid of all the distractions in your life and have to give your best in the paper.

    When you are studying these chapters and solving problems, you are bound to get some doubts or queries and you might get stressed when you feel you have hit a wall on some topics.
    But there is no need to be stressed about it because you can get solutions to the questions NCERT books from our Doubtnut app and clear your doubts or queries through us or by going to our Doubtnut website. There you can find better study material, mock tests, sample papers and previous year papers with their solutions. Through our Doubtnut app you can get video solution to all your doubts within seconds, you just need to click a picture of your doubt and send it to us and we will provide you with the solution instantly.

    We at Doubtnut are always there to solve your doubts 🙂

  • JEE mains is one of those exams recognized globally and for the very same reason this is one of the hardest exam students appear in, and if you are aiming for something that hard you must be ready to prepare accordingly because I feel, preparation is the journey that will take you much far with your result, if you prepare the right way you will find result accordingly. So some of the steps that I am going to share next I believe would help you getting your preparation process right

    What needs Your focus first: For every student prioritising their chapters is the hardest part, they usually spend much time attempting and practicing questions which might not get them as much result as other chapters, for instance, you can not expect calculus and probability to have the same amount of questions in the examination, therefore, your approach in preparing the same must be different, spending same amount of time on every concept would be good learning but denoting time according to subject is smart learning and JEE is the exam only for smart people.

    Consistency: you can not expect yourself to learn something and then not following it later everything you learn needs to be revised regularly. You just can not think of cutting down your studying hours and several questions you practice must get up with each passing day only with this consistency you will be able to master two most important things required to crack JEE and those are speed and accuracy.

    Never Stress to Much over One Question: In the examination students generally get stuck on one question and they just can’t move past that question and in order to get that right they spent too much time on that and even if they get it right, they usually end up taking too much time, so its better to leave such questions for last
    Books are without any doubt the best way anyone can prepare and following I have mentioned the best books you can get in the market to achieve your goal:


    Understanding Physics of ELECTRICITY & MAGNETISM: DC Pandey is the author of this wonderful book and by far it has been the best ranked book by the topers.
    Understanding Physics for JEE Main & Advanced OPTICS & MODERN PHYSICS by DC Pandey: DC Pandey has written books for different specific topics and for optics and modern physics This has to be one of the best book available in the market
    Understanding Physics for JEE Main & Advanced WAVES & THERMODYNAMICS: If your waves and thermodynamics are struggling and you are looking for a book which can not only give you quality questions but will also provide you with enough text for concept clearing then I believe DC Pandey is the answer for you


    New Pattern Textbook of Physical Chemistry: for Competitions (JEE Main & Advanced) Vol-1 and Vol-2: the best book for physical chemistry for any competitive exam that you will find in any market or so
    Modern Approach to Chemical Calculations by: one of the best book given by RC Mukherjee is one of the top book for clearing any competitive exam
    Organic Chemistry by Robert Thornton Morrison: This is the best possible book for organic chemistry and students sometimes opt for OP Tondon and I believe this book can be given preference over any other book for organic chemistry


    RD Sharma class 11th and RD Sharma class 12th: Students mostly underestimate the value of school level books and fail to understand that these school level books are actually the ones which lays the foundation for your learning years and the rhythm which students often can’t find even after so many years are actually build up by these
    Co-ordinate Geometry for IIT-JEE: authored by SK Goyal is indeed a very good book for coordinate geometry and it has an excellent quality of subjective questions.
    Differential Calculus for IIT-JEE: calculus is without any doubt is one of the most important topic in the Maths and this book explains calculus like no other and without a doubt is the best book for learning calculus

    These books are obviously very highly recommended books for JEE aspirants but one must not put down the value of NCERT books, these books helps you built a confidence, a rhythm, and foundation that you need. You can find all the solutions to these books on Doubtnut app and get them clear at no cost whatsoever.

  • As per the new exam pattern of JEE Main 2020, the maximum marks you can get is 300 now!

    Here is the ideal strategy to get a good score in JEE Main 2020.

    1. Syllabus and Study Plan

    Go through the complete JEE syllabus. You need to learn topics, understand concepts and practice questions as per the syllabus. It is important that your basics of almost all the topics are clear and that you can tackle easy or moderate level problems in those topics, because sometimes easier questions may come from the topics which you didn’t prepare that well.

    Make a study plan or routine to complete the syllabus in time. Identify your most productive hours and study every day. Take small breaks between long study hours to maintain the focus and concentration in studies.

    1. Understanding concepts and practice

    Understand the concepts well and practice lots of problems. Just reading theory will not be enough, solve problems consistently. Find out where you get stuck, improve on your weakness.

    1. Avoid reading multiple books

    Don’t read too many reference books. Stick to one good MCQ book or study from a JEE coaching material. NCERT is good for chemistry.

    1. Clear your doubts regularly

    Accept the fact that you can’t understand and learn everything on your own. Don’t be shy to ask even small doubts from the teacher. [JEE Online Doubt Clearing]

    1. Revise again and again

    Revision is a continuous process. You may think you have done a particular chapter/topic very nicely, but you won’t be able to retain it unless you read it again. This has to be continued throughout the preparation. Make notes and review them. Always revise important points before sleeping.

    1. Solve past year papers and online mock tests

    To manage time well in JEE Main exam, practice online mock tests. You also need to learn the pattern of solving questions. This is possible only through consistent practice. Solving JEE Main past year papers will give you best idea of the level of questions asked in the exam.

    1. Work smart, not just hard

    Be smart about your goals and strategy. Know your strength and weakness. It’s okay to make mistakes but be smart enough to learn from them. [How to study smart for JEE

    1. Get support when feeling low

    Whenever you feel low due to tiredness or exhaustion, or because of low scores in tests, just speak to someone who cares for you. Be it your parents, brother, sister, or your teacher. You need help from people around you.

    1. Sleep well, eat healthy

    Compromising on sleep makes you sluggish and lazy. Have a proper sleep, minimum of 7-8 hours. You will feel active throughout the day after a good night sleep. Eat healthy food. You need to stay fit for the exam.

    1. Determination and positive attitude

    Be determined and stay positive. There will be times when you would find it difficult to understand and manage things. Do not give up.

    Cheers and Love


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