What is the syllabus of the Technothlon prelims exam?

  • What is the syllabus of the Technothlon prelims exam?

  • Hello guys!

    Well, there is no specific syllabus for preparation of Technothlon . There are two levels conducted:

    • Prelims

    • Mains

    You can have an idea of the type of questions asked in Technothlon by having a glance at the previous year papers. You can get those on the official site of Technothlon. Very soon, Technothlon’s study material will be uploaded on Doubtnut app.

    In Prelims, the question paper will have various sections like maths, puzzles, code crunchers etc.

    Basically the aim of technothlon is that through a series of events involving mental aptitude, logic, and dexterity, it seeks to provide school students a platform to build fundamental experience and knowledge, to exercise co-ordination skills, and to think out of the box.

    As its preliminary round is conducted through several centers in India, it is a competitive test of critical thinking. Its final round is conducted in IIT-Guwahati during Techniche, the annual Techno-Management festival of IIT Guwahati.

    You can watch the following video for any further help!

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