How is Mtech mechanical in IIT Hyderabad?

  • How is Mtech mechanical in IIT Hyderabad?

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    As you all know IIT Hyderabad is one of the old IITs in India. It is well known for its quality education and friendly faculty. Also its infrastructure and social life is awesome.


    Apart all these, the most major concerned thing is placement records.. And you will be surprised to know that in placement section also, IIT Hyderabad rocks…

    In less than 10 years, IIT Hyderabad has 181 full-time faculty, 2,328 students, more than 100 state of the art laboratories and 9 research and entrepreneurship centers. IIT Hyderabad offers undergraduate engineering programmes in 9 disciples- MSc in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics, M.Phil. in Liberal Arts, M.Des. in Design, and Ph.D. in all 13 departments.

    IITH has MoUs with 50 universities across the U.S., Japan, Australia, Taiwan and Europe. IITH students and faculty are credited with more than 1,500 research publications and patent disclosures, 300 sponsored/consultancy projects, and 50 industry collaborations.

    After all, mostly IITs provide awesome placements, and this IIT also performs well in placement section…

    Let’s have a glance at some of IIT Hyderabad placement stats:-



    A total of 424 students from different disciplines and departments of IIT Hyderabad had registered to appear for the Campus Placement of 2017-18.

    On the pre-placement front, the institute had witnessed a increase in Pre-Placement Offers (PPOs) in academic year of 2017-18.

    A total of 47 PPOs were offered to IIT Hyderabad students in 2017 compared to 18 during 2016.

    Among the firms that issued PPOs, American E-commerce firm Amazon, Qualcomm, Samsung (Delhi), Boston Scientific and WorksApp are some well known ones.

    If we look at the figures of 2016-17, phase 1 had about 70 companies visiting the campus, while the total companies in all phases were close to 130.

    I hope my anser helps 🙂

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