Is the campus of IIT Delhi the most beautiful campus of all IITs?

  • Is the campus of IIT Delhi the most beautiful campus of all IITs?

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    IIT Delhi is located in Hauz Khas, South Delhi. The campus of 325 acres (132 ha) is surrounded by the Hauz Khas area and monuments such as the Qutub Minar and Lotus Tempe.

    The inside of the campus resembles a city, with gardens, lawns, residential complexes and wide roads. The campus has its own water supply and backup electricity supply along with shopping complexes to cater to the daily needs of residents.

    The IIT-D campus is divided into four zones:

    Student Residential Zone
    Faculty and Staff Residential Zone
    Student Recreational Area, that includes the Student Activity Center (SAC), football stadium, cricket ground, basketball courts, hockey field, lawn tennis courts and swimming pool
    Academic Zone that includes department offices, lecture theatres, libraries and workshops.
    The student residential zone is divided into two main sectors—one for boys hostels and another for girls hostels.


    There are 13 hostels (11 for boys and 2 for girls), There are also apartments for married students. All the hostels are named after mountain ranges in India-


    Jwalamukhi Hostel
    Aravali Hostel
    Karakoram Hostel
    Nilgiri Hostel
    Kumaon Hostel
    Vindhyachal Hostel
    Shivalik Hostel
    Satpura Hostel
    Zanskar Hostel
    Girnar Hostel
    Udaigiri Hostel

    Kailash Hostel
    Himadri Hostel
    The residential apartments are named after ancient Indian universities

    Each Hostel has its own distinct characteristic of sports and cultural activities. The Hostels compete in inter-hostel events to bring home various trophies which include the BRCA trophy for cultural activities and GC for Sports. BRCA trophy was won by Kumaon in 2016 when it was reinstated after being non-competitive for the previous 2 years. The GC was won by Jwalamukhi hostel in 2016 bringing an end to the 5-year reign of Kumaon hostel. The academic year ends with an annual function of hostels known as 'House day' in which the passing out batch and the freshers give various cultural performances and awards are distributed for outstanding contribution to various hostel activities.

    Now you can decide for yourself if the campus of IIT Delhi is the most beautiful campus of all IITs.

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