What is the smartest way to get 200+ marks in JEE mains in 5 months?

  • What is the smartest way to get 200+ marks in JEE mains in 5 months?

  • With a little determination and focus you can easily score 200+ in JEE mains, here are some of the tips that will help you in achieving your goal-

    Master the concepts- It is extremely important to achieve your goal that you are well acquainted with all the concepts.
    Start by practicing easy questions - This will not only help you in building your confidence but also help you in scoring more as approximately 30–40% of the paper contains easy questions.
    Focus more on moderate questions, as difficult questions will take more time to master (which you are short on) and also you will be easily able to score 200+ by mastering moderate questions.
    After mastering easy questions move on to questions with moderate difficulty and then focus on difficult questions
    Revise class 11th syllabus well in time, often students keep class 11th revision for the final hour and find that they are short of time to finish the revision. DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES PUT YOURSELF IN THAT SITUATION. It will take some time to refresh all the concepts of class 11th if you are a class 12th student and if your are a dropper, I assume you are well acquainted with all the concepts of class 11 by now, if not start working on it.
    Treat NCERT like an old friend, get familiar with each and every sentence of it especially for physics and chemistry, practice all the solved and unsolved questions.
    Make a time table, this will ensure you give enough time to each subject.
    Solve previous years question papers both solved and unsolved, but solve the paper chapter wise, as soon as you are completely done with one chapter practice it from previous years question papers.
    Divide your syllabus in 3 parts for each subject. Easy, Moderate, and Hard. Easy means those chapters which are just meant to be learnt and not understood much. Hard are those chapters which have very deep concepts, not formulas. Moderate means those chapters which requires you to know only the formulas to do the question.
    Devote equal time to all the subjects.
    Get at least 8 hours of sleep everyday, one of the most important thing that often students tend to neglect is their brain, it too needs rest which it gets from sleep. 8 hours of sleep will ensure that your brain gets proper rest and improves its retaining power.
    All the best!

  • Well,

    Getting 200+ marks in JEE Mains within 5 months is really tough to achieve, but somehow if you plan with better strategy with having clear basic concept already then i hink you can. because nothing is impossible to do but you have to manage time because you have limited time .

    ->As the most important , you have to Find out what motivates you (you may think what you want from life and how being an IITian will make it easier for you to achieve it).You must have a reason that why do you want to get into an IIT. if Once you are motivated, determination and having some plan will follow. But also from here the real challenge starts, being determined is easy but remaining determined for 2 years will be tough job.

    ->You should be calm, composed & well prepared for any type of difficulty to be honest, also ups and downs which you will face within the next two years of your study. You should be understand that failure is a part of learning and develop an attitude of learning from your mistakes as well. That’s how you will grow and improve.

    ->the thing is must remember that only wishful thinking with no efforts will lead you no where.

    ->You need to make a proper time table .A correct timetable is to be very crucial. Your activities also should be planned. The time distribution for studying all of subjects like Physics,Chemistry and Mathematics in one day should be clear to you from the moment you wake up. you should Always aim to set constructive goals.

    ->You should have to always be sworn by three planning tools, a proper time table for each subject and, long term and short term plans and a balanced study schedule which leaves adequate time for other activities as well.

    ->If your parents will afford it, you should join a coaching institute, such that you get at least 6 hours to prepare for yourself and prepare well.

    ->Make a proper plan. Try yourself some deadlines for each topic and try to get them done. Also, it will depends up to you how long you study. to be very honest It doesn't really matter how long you study, what matters is what and how much you study.

    ->DO NOT MUG UP PROBLEM PATTERNS - its that's going to really mess up your mind to a level where you would find it too hard to come back from - you are probably won't be left with enough time to understand the topic later.

    ->Most important Do not jump from one to another book in order to search for new problems in the same chapter. Do one book thoroughly.

    ->Well,Follow the right(not many) books. Keep the sources minimal but it should be thorough with whatever you have chosen. Books like SL Loney, Cengage, I.A Maronfor maths, HC Verma for physics, NCERT, JD Lee, Morrison boyd for chemistry.

    ->It will be always better to solve less number of quality problems all by yourself than solving a large number of substandard and similar problems by yourself.

    -> Must remember that Don’t miss out lectures even when you know the chapter.
    Maintain a good relation with the teachers. Try discussing more stuff with them.
    Always try to revise whatever has been taught in the class.

    ->Take test series on regular basis. Make sure that you manage your time well in the exam hall. This will be very familiarise you with the exam hall atmosphere and keep you off from surprises.


    ->Strictly you should Avoid smartphones, social media, and relationships - these are the three biggest distractions at this phase. Avoid all these as much as you can.

    ->You have to Stay fit and healthy.

    -> Time management and how you study that’s all will depends upon you.

    Hope you like it.

    We at Doubtnut always up for help related to any query.

  • So, let me start with the goal you should have while preparing for the JEE mains 2020.

    Preferably you need to score 250+ marks in JEE Mains which ensures a rank under 2500 which further ensures you a seat in a good NIT.
    This year it was noticed that the difficulty level in different shifts varied thus some people with marks close to 200 secured a good rank and some couldn’t .

    So first things first. What should be your focus?

    JEE Main January- So if you score a good rank in JEE Main (jan ) then you’ve definitely secured a seat in a good NIT also you’ll be eligible for JEE Advance. So now you don’t have to worry about april’s exams and you can start preparing for JEE Advance from january onwards.

    Now, let’s start with the subjects:

    MATHEMATICS - Since we have about 5–6 months to prepare for JEE Mains 2020, the DPP Series of Arihant and Cengage is an excellent option( the DPP series will be available in any second hand books shop seperately). Every chapter has about 3–4 DPP, which further has 100–120 questions each. Another options is R D SHARMA OBJECTIVE.

    Doing 40 Year JEE and 10 Year KVPY +16 JEE Mains question paper from previous year is another good option. Although make sure to buy chapter wise books of these or it might become complicated.

    Along with these follow a test series. Try to take a test every other week , it will help you analyse your performance and boost your confidence.

    PHYSICS- For physics you can again go for DPP Series of Arihant and Cengage or H C VERMA is another good alternate. Questions in H C VERMA are generally pretty long and are not that objective oriented.

    For objective oriented questions you can follow D C PANDEY OBJECTIVE . And again 40 year JEE and 10 year KVPY +all 16 JEE mains 2019 papers are a must.

    CHEMISTRY- NCERT is sufficient for theory of organic and inorganic chemistry. Along with it make sure to follow a practice book . For organic use either Pankaj Chouhan or Himanshu Pandey , which comes with solutions in the book itself and for inorganic use NCERT fingertips.

    Now lets move onto study tips for these 5 months.

    • Most important part is continuity. Make sure to study everyday.

    • For the first few months, focus on building your concept.

    • Take tests twice a week. it helps you analyse how much concept you’ve built.

    • Study with focus. Hours don’t matter, but the quality of each hour spent studying is what matters .

    • Set targets, and try to achieve those targets before the end of the day.

    • Practice as as many questions as you can.

    • Last but not the least, get enough sleep. Don’t over exert your body and mind .

    • Always remember, you’re what you choose to be. If you put in your mind and hardwork into something, nothing can stop you.

    Hope this helped.

    ALL the best!!!

  • Preparing for JEE Mains in 5 months is going to be hard. I am assuming that you have paid attention to the curriculum of 11th and 12th class and studied for the 12th board exam. You need to be smart about this and work hard.

    I am going to give you some tips on how you should prepare for JEE mains with the time you have left.

    1. You have 150 days to complete your preparation, so you need to divide these 150 days in 4 parts, in the first 90 days you have to do your preparation and understand all the concepts, in the next 25 days you have to solve papers, after that 15 days for clearing doubts and bolstering your weak points and 20 days for revision.

    2. Dedicate at least 6 hours daily to JEE Preparation.

    3. Start by preparing from your stronger subject and quickly finish the easy topics.

    4. You need to solve 60 questions from each chapter in which 10 should be easy questions and 30 medium level questions and 20 difficult questions.

    5. You need to choose your books carefully because you don’t have time to read all the books, NCERT is the book to start with but I am assuming you have already read them for board preparation. So choose one book for theory and 2 books for problems.

    6. Focus on clearing your concepts and how to solve the problem using the concepts.

    7. In chemistry focus more on equations of inorganic and numerical problems that can be solved using them. Go through the important topics in chemistry those are mostly asked. Practice organic chemistry with all the process that follows its final derivation.

    8. In physics you need to focus more on the formulas and how they are derived because some of the problem asked in JEE want to test your understanding of how the formula is derived so they will ask some problem that cover the in between derivation or assumption of the problem to solve the equation.

    9. In maths you need to practise as many challenging problems as you can and learn derivations and core concepts.

    10. After the 90 days preparation you need to start solving previous year papers and mock test to increase your speed and accuracy and to know your weak points.

    11. Clear your doubts as soon as possible because you don’t have that much time left.

    You need to follow these tips and get rid of all the distractions in your life. You only focus should be one JEE Mains 2020 preparation and you should not waste your time because at this point of time every minute counts.

    If any doubts arise or you need study material for JEE Mains preparation feel free to go on our Doubtnut app. There you will find solutions to many problems and you can also get video solutions through our whatsapp bot, you only need to send us a picture of your doubt and you will get a video solution for it in seconds.

    Remember, We at Doubtnut are always there for you 🙂

    All the best !!

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