How good is taking a drop for JEE preparation

  • How good is taking a drop for JEE preparation

  • Well i am not a dropper. I cleared my JEE exam through preparation in classes 11th and 12th. But i think i can give you some advice on taking a drop.

    See taking a drop in my opinion is a not at all a bad option. You will have a complete year in which you will do nothing but study and i guess that will be enough to clear the JEE.

    The most important thing is that take a drop only and only if, you are certain that you will be able to give 100% to your preparation, and you will be able to clear the exam. There is no point in dropping an year and wasting it if you are not confident yourself.

    This year is going to be super difficult. There are going to be people looking down at you and there are going to be vacations that you are going to miss. So ultimately, you will have to get your head around that in case you are looking forward to clear the exam.

    Let me list the pros and cons:


    You will have a lot of time.
    You can study as many books as possible.
    There won’t be an issue about the boards exams too.
    You can practice as much as you want.
    You will have time to solve tests and put your skills to practice.


    The year might be wasted.
    Negative comments.
    So the point is, i don’t think taking a drop is a bad thing.

    I hope it helps. All the best.

    Here watch this video from Doubtnut for a better idea.

  • Being a dropper is not always easy you have a lot to prove to a lot of people, but if you are planning to drop a year then I would suggest you that you must make sure that dropping a year is the best decision for you, and once you have made this decision make sure you get the result you desire this time.

    The first thing I could say to any dropper is that his approach towards learning things should be like a dropper but his attitude for learning them should be like a fresher. He must not avoid any concept thinking he already knows about it but he should make sure he spends more his time practicing he couldn’t get right the first time and making sure that he gets enough questions daily to keep him as active for the exam.

    For a dropper, I don’t think coaching is necessary but you need a set of exercises number of questions, when you practice such exercises for the JEE level surely you will have doubts, who will help you with those doubts. What I believe is if you are planning to study on your it is fine but you need some sort of way to keep sure that your doubts get cleared and you get enough exercises to practice, for which, I believe Doubtnut app would be really beneficial you can always get enough material online and their WhatsApp assistance number 8400400400 where you can just upload a picture of your doubt and within seconds you will be provided with your answer, this way your doubts get cleared and your speed doesn’t get affected.

    I am assuming that you are well aware of the syllabus and books required for your preparation what I am now focusing on in my answer is how you could increase your productivity while studying.

    Time management: everyone stresses this one particular aspect and that is time management and without any doubt everyone is correct but students mostly confuses time management with separating time for there leisure activities and study time when they should be denoting times for different topics.

    Move past the distractions: when you dream to crack an exam like JEE you can not afford any sort of distraction in your way, and no matter how big or small the distraction is you must make sure you do not lose your focus. One of the biggest reasons for distraction can be peer pressure, students are so much focused on observing what their fellow mates are doing that they lose focus on their study and end getting confused, therefore they must keep belief on their approach and their methods.

    To Find Quality Exercises: Time management and distractions are surely secondary aspects for a student preparing for JEE, the most important thing for him would be to find good quality content which can actually provide him with questions and exercises those are worth his time

    Do Not Get Lazy you must not Procrastinate, only this way you would be able you increase your productivity and you would be able to increase your speed and accuracy.

  • It's a very crucial question. On one hand it gives enough time to study in a scientific manner and enhance chances of clearing JEE. On the other hand, monotony may set in which is counterproductive. In perspective of one's life, one year is very insignificant. If you are confident of perseverance at sustained studies you should definitely consider that option if taking break for one year.
    Best wishes

    Cheers and Love


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