What is in the IIT placements for metallurgy?

  • What is in the IIT placements for metallurgy?

  • Well, it solely depend on the student studying whether in IIT or NIT. Actually, the role of any IIT or NIT is to just invite companies on their campus for placements and the rest of the procedure of placement depends on the performance of student…

    So, nobody can tell whether the placements offered by IIT or by NIT are good…

    So, let’s just have a look on some of the top IIT’s placement records:-


    And now time to look at some NIT’s average placement:-


    And the top recruitors among the top IITs and top NITs are:-




    So, at last, I just wanna say that placements depends on the ability of one’s to grab it… Infact, difference of IITs and NITs doesn’t affect much the placements difference in IIT and NIT…

    For any kind of doubt, just strike to Doubtnut anytime 🙂

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