How can I make physics my strong subject for the JEE preparation?

  • How can I make physics my strong subject for the JEE preparation?

  • JEE is not a difficult exam to pass all you need to have is determination and a vision of which rank you want,more importantly sorted out timetable for studies and your time relaxation.

    Physics as you are well aware of is a mandatory subject to pass,along with chemistry and math in JEE.

    Answer to this question depends on your defination of ‘doing well’. It can mean just to pass the exam and secure some xyz rank just for the sake of your parents ambition for you,or it can also mean to get a top rank that gets you a sure shot in one of your desired IIT. Give it a thought to this and continue to read for futher guidance.

    Now, either of the chosen definations of doing well needs to be achieved with concentration.Physics is a subject where visualization is the main aspect in making your roots strong in it. There are many chapters like current electricity,thermodynamics and electromagnetism to name a few,every chapter in physics needs good theoritical and visual understanding to solve the complex problems accompanied with it.


    Getting your concepts clear: you should be so clear about your concepts that you are able to make your mother understand those concepts. Never leave any doubts in mind even if you think it of a silly one. Be blunt while asking doubts from your teachers because if these doubts are never solved , you won’t be able to get comfortable with the concept.

    Application : Practice as much questions as you can. Which gives you wide range of application of the concept. Try to solve some questions from Irodov even if its 5 questions a day. More questions you practice, more diverse applications you know of the concept , More confident you will be in Physics.

    Revision : Proper Revision of concepts regularly is very necessary to keep the understanding of the concept. Also solve some questions while revising, it will help you to gain confidence on that particular concept.

    Importance of self-study

    To become expert in anything, You must learn it and practice it. I have seen many students who rush through learning part and move to practice but without proper learning practice will be ineffective. I am not telling you practice is not important but learning is more important.

    Just answer these questions.

    How many times you have revised your class notes?
    How many times you have referred a book to learn a concept?
    How many times you have imagined how, where and when we use a concept? How many times you have taken notes?
    How many times you have practiced a problem?

    If answer to last question outnumbers all other question then you need to redefine learning strategy. At the initial phases of the preparation learning should take at-least 25% of home study time.

    Follow these simple steps to improve alot:

    • Always revise your class notes after the class

    • Learn from at-least one other source what you have learnt in class

    • Take notes for future revision

    • At the end of week; revise at-least once what you learnt

    • At end of the month go through all you have learnt till now.

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