How is IIT Kanpur?

  • How is IIT Kanpur?

  • Well i will rate the IIT Kanpur on the basis of five factors. I will give them a score out of 5 for all 5 factors and that should give you an idea on how good or how bad the IIT Kanpur is.

    Placements (4.5/5): Of course placements is the first thing that would come to your mind when you are thinking about any college. IIT kanpur receives so many companies every year for the placements. The highest package this year was 1.42 crores which is simple unbelievable. I would give it 4.5 and not a complete 5 because ultimately there are students who are not placed.

    Infrastructure (5/5): The IIT Kanpur’s infrastructure is simply amazing. Honestly is better than most of the private college who are charging a fee of around 4,00,000 and still not giving all the facilities. IIT Kanpur is much better when it comes to this particular fact.

    Faculty and Course curriculum (4.5/5): The faculties are all PhDs and the student teacher ratio is 1:8 which in India is amazing. For every 8 students, there is a teacher. How cool is that. Moreover they teach you everything that you are going to need in future in your jobs. So curriculum is great too.

    Crowd and Campus life (4.8/5): Well our country is super crowded. That’s a fact but nothing can be done about it. Most of the student are educated and have cleared the JEE Advanced exam before getting into the college, so i would say that the crowd is good. Campus is amazing. It’s green and beautiful. You are going to enjoy that too.

    Value for money (4.7/5): Well when there is so much positive to say, then obviously the college is value for money. You get everything you want in a college and the fee is 1/4th of any private college, and placements are just insanely good.

    I hope it helps.

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