How do I finish organic chemistry in one month for the JEE? Which book should I refer to?

  • How do I finish organic chemistry in one month for the JEE? Which book should I refer to?

  • Hey guys!

    Well, chemistry has always been the easiest subject when compared to Physics and Mathematics. Reason being that most of the logics being used in Chemistry are quite simple and straightforward. As far as Organic Chemistry is concerned, I am going to give you some tips through this article so that, you can have an easy command over it.

    Some Preparation Tips for Organic Chemistry:

    • You should first make the detailed syllabus. Take the help of official site, not just any random site on the internet.

    • Organic Chemistry requires a little bit of assistance. So try not to miss any class because most of the topics in it are interrelated and if you miss a single concept then you will face difficulties in the next topic as well. Also, clear your doubts as soon as you can. Discussion with your teacher can be very helpful.

    • Organic Chemistry requires a lot of practice. Once you complete the syllabus of it you will realize that there can’t be many variations in questions. So you should solve so many problems such that the question in the final exam doesn’t surprise you. I know it seems a little far-fetched but believe me, it is doable.

    • Some questions of JEE Advanced contain more than one correct answers. So to get those questions correct, you must have complete knowledge of the compounds (i.e. both physical and complete properties). So what you can do is, make a list of all the famous compounds and write all the standard properties related to it. You don’t have to memorize specific values. Just try to remember the pattern of the behavior. And also, remember all the exceptions related to it.
      Some Reference Books/Materials for Organic Chemistry

    • To prepare for any part of the Chemistry for JEE Advanced, NCERT is must. Read it for at least 3-4 times. You must solve all its examples and unsolved problems given at the end of the chapters. One can claim that most of the question of JEE Advanced paper have used the information given in NCERT.

    • Regularly solve your coaching materials. They generally contain some excellent questions, mark them for revision purposes.

    • You can also refer to Peter Sykes if you are more interested in theoretical aspects. It can really help you to strengthen your concepts.

    • If you think that your coaching materials are not sufficient for you then you can refer to Solomons. It has a huge set of questions which are really good. Don’t try to solve all the questions, you probably won’t have time for that, just try that one which seems difficult or complex. The best way is to consult the teacher, which may help you to find the right set of questions.

    • Finally, the last thing is previous years’ papers. That is the best set of questions you can find especially the old ones in which the format was subjective. Try every single question and don’t rush to the solution. If you are able to solve these questions then you don’t have to worry because you are doing your preparation quite well.

    Some General Tips

    • Sometimes inconsistencies may happen in the information provided in books that means data or property of some compounds may be different in different books. So, in that case, JEE Advanced will consider the information given in NCERT to be true. So you must always follow NCERT.

    • Don’t study anything new in the last month of your preparation because this is the time where you should devote all of your time in revision. Revise your notes at least twice in a week. Solve all the questions you marked as the difficult one.

    • You should join a test series of any reputed coaching institute. This will help you in two ways:-
      -You will get to know about the level of your preparation i.e. how much time you
      are taking, what’s your accuracy and many other aspects.
      -You would get a good set of questions.

    Just remember that Organic Chemistry can be easiest and most scoring part of the paper if you understand the logics but at the same time, it can be the most dangerous part of your paper if you just try to blindly memorize it. So try your best

    You can also watch the following video for some further help:)

    Hope this helped!

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