What are some revision strategies which you would like to suggest to a JEE 2020 aspirant who is in 12th?

  • What are some revision strategies which you would like to suggest to a JEE 2020 aspirant who is in 12th?

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    Well I think that I don’t need to tell you that how much difficult JEE exam used to be. And it’s difficulty is obvious after all it is the most reputed engineering entrance exam. So, preparing for such great exam is really a great challenge or task in itself. But with a proper strategy and well planned time table, preparation of JEE is a remarkable journey in itself.

    So coming back to the question, If I got the opportunity to suggest some good revision strategies to a JEE 2020 aspirant currently in his/her 12th standard, then these tips would I like to share:-

    • Make a list of JEE main topics and chapters remaining (class 11 and 12) and create a schedule to complete the syllabus in time. Adjust your study hours and follow the schedule sincerely.

    • Make sure your goals are clear. For example, saying you want to study more from now on is unclear. Write it down as, “I will study for daily 7 hours instead of 5 hours.”

    • Master concepts/topics one by one. Take up one topic at a time and focus on accomplishing the goals related to the topic; once that is over, move to the next topic in the syllabus.

    • Clear all the basics in all subjects. Try not to skip topics. If you find any topic boring, then incorporate new effective methods of studying to make it more interesting like quizzing, making flowcharts, tables and diagrams etc.

    • Improve your speed, accuracy and time management skills. This is possible with lots of questions solving and practice. If you know that you are not much familiar with the concepts involved in the problem, don’t attempt it, rather study the concept first and then attempt the problem.

    • Clear each and every silliest of your doubts. If possible, join a coaching in class . Ask JEE experts and teachers if your methods are correct and you’re learning the right way.

    • Make your own notes. It’s easy and convenient to revise handmade notes in your own style and format, rather than revising from thick books and coaching modules. Make a separate notebook for remembering formulas in all three subjects.

    • Start revising early. It’s not just after finishing the syllabus or before the exam, revision is a continuous process during regular studies. It must happen daily in some form or other. Include specific revision slot in your JEE preparation schedule.

    • Don’t procrastinate the revision time for new study.

    • Since the JEE Main 2020 will be conducted in online (computer-based) mode, the key change you need to make is to practice online mock tests on a computer or laptop. It’s recommended to join an online test series.

    • After giving an online test, you have to identify your mistakes. If you got a question wrong, understand why you got it wrong. Find out what you’re good at and not so good at. Work on your weakness.

    At last, I would like to say that if you follow these tips then surely you can get a great boost in your JEE preparation.

    You can also watch the following video for any further help:)

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