How good is CSE at NIT Jamshedpur?

  • How good is CSE at NIT Jamshedpur?

  • Engineering is one of the most competitive courses to pursue, hence there is an immense amount of competition you can see today for the admission in the good B.Tech colleges, JEE Mains is without any doubt is one of those competitive exam which needs you to have a good hold over subjects, and to get a seat in an institute like NIT you need a good score in that exam. The NIT ( National Institute of Technology are one of the most prestigious group of colleges present in India for the technical study. NITs are one of the best public institutes present in India today, getting selected here is a real hustle to be honest. Under National Institute of India Act (2007), it is now declared that all NITs or National Institute of Technology will be governed by the government of India, the National Institute of Technology Act (2007) also declared that all NITs will be considered as institute of National Importance, along with Indian Institutes of Technology.

    NIT Jamshedpur is located at Jharkhand, India, and was established on 15th august 1960, it gained the status of a deemed university of NIT (National Institute of Technology ) on 27 December 2002. It is one of the most prestigious college in India for technical study, and obviously preparing for the best will require you to do some extra efforts, I am mentioning some steps which could enhance your productivity during studies.

    The first and the most important thing any student must keep a positive mindset while preparing for JEE exam, there should be no room for doubt about if you can do it or not, to do so you must be true towards your methods and approach and during preparation JEE you need not have a brilliant mind but you must be ready to devote every minute of your day practicing, follow some of the basic advice with all your heart and there is no doubt that you will find your way into institutes like IIT.

    Time management: everyone stresses this one particular aspect and that is time management and without any doubt everyone is correct but students mostly confuses time management with separating time for there leisure activities and study time when they should be denoting times for different topics.

    Move past the distractions: when you dream to crack an exam like JEE you can not afford any sort of distraction in your way, and no matter how big or small the distraction is you must make sure you do not lose your focus. One of the biggest reasons for distraction can be peer pressure, students are so much focused on observing what their fellow mates are doing that they lose focus on their study and end getting confused, therefore they must keep belief on their approach and their methods.

    To Find Quality Exercises: Time management and distractions are surely secondary aspects for a student preparing for JEE, the most important thing for him would be to find good quality content which can actually provide him with questions and exercises those are worth his time, and I would suggest everyone one amazing online portal I came across recently “Doubtnut”, on Doubtnut I found good online lectures, number of practice exercises, they even have sample paper from previous years along with formula sheets which really helps a student with understanding the level of JEE questions.

    I believe books can break all the barriers towards learning, chemistry though is one of the most complex subject but if prepared right it can become your asset than a weakness, read my another article to see which books can really be beneficial for you to pursue your study plan smoothly,

    Here are some books which I believe can help you get a good hold on the subject of chemistry.

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