What is your biggest mistake during JEE preparations for which you repented a lot?

  • What is your biggest mistake during JEE preparations for which you repented a lot?

  • JEE Examinations are one of the main examinations of a student's life who has opted for engineering. There are various points of conflict on a student's faces while preparing for JEE and due to these points of conflict, the student ends up having regrets during the preparation of JEE. When we prepare for IIT-JEE, students do a lot of efforts but still, a few of them make it to IIT's. Why do you ask? Because most of the students do some common mistakes. So, what are the mistakes made in JEE exam by students while preparing.

    when I came in 12th and no more smart work can help and hard work was only the loophole to that situation my ranks fall miserably. So here are the mistake which I repent badly :


    Consistency : Avoid working hard only on weekends or on special days when you feel like studying. Make it a regular habit of solving the questions regularly and reading the notes.

    Don't miss the classes: I have seen students missing classes for the sake of self study but its never wise to do so. Don't think doing this will help you studying better rather than this think of extra time to give for your self study than to substituting your class hours.

    Never Stress: I am always told “Tension bas usi ko hoti h jo mehnat nahi karta". So keep working and leave the rest. Don't stress wheather you will make it to IIT or not. Your work it to study hard and make that possible. So never waste your energy in stressing.

    Resist your temptations : I know this age is full of temptations wheather it be friends, T. V series, movies, gf/bf, social networking sites, parties,daydreams etc. Learn to prioritise your time table. I know the easier its said, the harder it takes to get it done.

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  • For an exam like JEE this is very common for any student to commit some mistakes and most of these are mistakes, which happens because of very little things which just needs very little attention from you.

    Quality of your study must overweigh the quantity you cant expect yourself to retain concepts in your mind until the exam day if you do not put regular and equal efforts.

    Keep as less distractions as you can, sometimes just because of very little distractions you end up losing your focus, like some sort of TV-show you like, a message tune on your phone make sure whenever you sit to study you have least things to distract you while you study.

    Positive Mindset is one thing you must keep account for while preparing for the JEE you can not afford to take unnecessary pressure, once you puts extra burden on your mind you end up losing your speed which I believe is one of the worst mistake you can do in your preparation.

    Never have ego issues with any chapter, if your mind can not accept some concept make sure to move on to the next one because wasting your time on that getting stuck will only going to make things hard for you, but make sure to come to it some other time.

    Do not get lazy, you must not procrastinate, never leave any chapter you can do today for tomorrow, this way you will be able to become most productive in terms of retaining what you have studied.

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    What do you need to prepare best for JEE 2020?

    Someone to teach about the concepts
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