What mistakes did you commit during your JEE preparation?

  • What mistakes did you commit during your JEE preparation?

  • Preparation for JEE is a long process. Maximum students lose their motivation after some time and struggle with their backlogs later. This is a list to avoid the major mistakes you can make through their preparation.

    1. Selection of Correct Books

    Just like you, every book is unique. There are separate books for separate exams.

    For example, You are preparing for boards and study from HC Verma. This will be a major blunder because HC Verma contains less theory and more numericals. On the other hand, if you are studying for JEE Mains from Pradeep, it will not be fruitful because Pradeep does not contain high-level practice questions.

    2. Time Distribution

    You should divide time accordingly for your subjects. By this, I don’t mean equal distribution of time but the time which depends on your prior knowledge, interests, exams nearby, etc. Once you start liking a subject, you tend to increase the studying time for it. Take care that this should not be the case. Also, don’t forget to take care of your health. So, indulge yourself in yoga and other sports activities to balance your health and studies.

    3. Tackle Numerical Problems

    You should find shorter ways to find answers to numericals. Be smart and separate yourself from others.

    Pro tip: Read the last line of the question. Then, read the options. Then read the whole question. Your first approach should be to find the answer through substitution and by looking at the options.

    4. Small Goal Setting

    Form daily and weekly goals and fulfill them. Stay calm and work hard. Your goals should be yours, unaffected by others.

    5. Too much guidance is dangerous

    It is right when people say, follow your heart. You should be confident and have faith in yourself. When you start scoring low, you approach others who come up with tons of pieces of advice, if you start following theirs, your method and originality will get lost and you will end up confusing yourself.

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