Can I get a rank of under 500 within 5 months in the JEE Advanced?

  • Can I get a rank of under 500 within 5 months in the JEE Advanced?

  • Definitely yes. If you are ready to work for it, you can achieve it. I am not sying that the strategy i am going to tell will work for you for sure, but this is what I did to prepare for my JEE Advanced exam.

    Coaching material: Trust me. The material your coaching has been giving you is gold. Go through it, practice it and you marks are going no where. I failed to do so and as a result, i failed my advance exam. So trust me on this, you really need to go through that bundle of books. If you are not in any coaching, borrow the material from any of your friends. But do go through something like that once.

    NCERT Books: Once your coaching manual is over, study your NCERT, because that’s what will give you a clear idea of concepts. The coaching manual will just act as a question bank but the NCERT keeps you in touch with your concepts.

    Coaching test series: Check all your advanced test series papers and see what mistakes you made in all of them. This will be beneficial. You will get to know all your mistakes that you have been making so that you do not repeat those. Moreover, you will cover a wide variety of questions. Try and solve all these questions. If you have any doubt, go for doubt solving apps available on play store. That will help you a lot too.

    Mock test papers: Finally when all this is done, try solving the mock test paper series available online. That’s gonna help you a lot. Go for any mock test series. Just be sure to analyze your mistakes after each papers. Do not leave your mistakes. It’s good if you can learn from them.

    That’s a great strategy to clear any exam. I hope it helps.

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