What are some tips for cracking JEE Mains?

  • What are some tips for cracking JEE Mains?

  • JEE Mains is one of the hardest exams to clear in our country. Students prepare for it over 2 years and are still not able to clear it. The thing that makes it difficult is that we try to cram things instead of understanding them and the mains exam targets at testing your understanding of concepts. So all you need to do is understand all the concepts before you can appear for the exam.

    Here are some tips that might help you score well.

    • Make chemistry your best friend: Sure there are people who hate chemistry, but trust me you need it to boost your score in the exam. You cannot let it be. This subject is going to give you the maximum possible score and you do not need a lot of study material for this as well. You just need to be thorough with your chemistry NCERT books.

    • Math practice: Math is not difficult to score either. All you need to do is solve a lot of questions that might boost your confidence and increase your question domain. The more questions you solve, the better your concept becomes and higher your score goes. So it’s best if you give at least 2 hours to math every day. You cannot skip that.

    • Work on your strengths more than your weakness: It’s best if you let go of what you left while studying and concentrate on what all you did thoroughly. This will give you solid marks in the things you know. If you concentrate on topics which were weak, you won’t be able to be sure of the marks in your strong topics either.

    • Proper health: Proper sleep is also important. You need have a sound mind to be able to think properly and prepare well. If you are not having proper sleep, you won’t be able to think properly and it will definitely affect your performance.

    • Choose the right material: Here is all the material that you need. DO NOT go for anything else.
      Chemistry: NCERT and any practice book
      Physics: NCERT, Resnick Halliday, HC Verma, DC Pandey
      Math: NCERT, Cengage and Arihant Publiccations
      Previous year papers
      Online mock tests

    • Doubts: It’s best if you can clear your doubts as soon as you have them. You cannot skip on clearing your doubts. So if there is any question that you are not able to solve, clear it then and there. If you cannot find help, take a snap of the question and upload it on the Doubtnut app You will find a video solution if the question.

    I think that’s all the tips i can give, I hope it helps.

  • JEE is an extremely important exam in India and the following things make it important to get atleast 200 marks in the exam.

    More than 12 lakh candidates.
    Good branch in top colleges
    Everyone has at least two chances now
    Qualifying for JEE Advanced.
    So it becomes important to score 200 and also it increases the pressure on the student. But the hard truth is if he wants a good college, he has to go through that pressure, and scoring good demands the following things.

    good physical and mental health
    Regular study
    This is the starter pack for the JEE Advance preparation. Once you achieve all this, you are ready to start preparing for your exam. Keep in mind that its just an exam and won’t affect your life in the long run. 10 years from now you wont even remember this. So following your question, you asked for tips to crack JEE Mains.

    Stick to your NCERT. Once you are through with your NCERT, you will realize that most of your syllabus is over and you will be in confident state. That’s good.
    Chemistry: The more you study chemistry, the helpful it gets to score more. So it’s best to focus more on chemistry and try and score as much as possible. It will be the highest scoring area for you and also, the easiest one as it requires the least amount of thinking.
    Solve as many problems as possible: Solving more and more problems gives you an edge over the other students and a sense of confidence. When you feel positive, the things will definitely go well.
    Thats all i can advice you.

    For any help in future, try Doubtnut youtube channel and the mobile app.


  • JEE MAINS which stands for Joint Engineering Entrance is the engineering entrance exam which is conducted on the national level. Earlier CBSE was responsible for conducting this exam, but this year National Testing Agency(NTA) organised it.

    Its difficulty level is somewhat more than average and less than difficult. Mostly students thinks it is difficult to clear jee mains exam.

    But with focused determination and hardworking one can crack this exam easily. After qualifying jee mains exam, one can get admission in various NITs, IIITs, GFTIs with a good AIR.

    The JEE Main preparation tips 2019 will aid the candidates to draw a clearcut plan as they aspire to crack one of the most difficult engineering exams in the country. Certain tricks of the trade, if followed can help the candidates sail through the this exam with ease. Some of the valuable JEE Main 2019 preparation tips include management of time, the topics, and chapters which the candidates must focus depending on the weightage given, solving the sample papers and taking mock tests on a regular basis to name few. Knowing the topic wise analysis from the past year papers is another handy and useful tool while preparing for JEE Main. Read below the JEE Main 2019 preparation tips so that by following them, cracking the entrance exam become easy.

    Now lets discuss some of the useful tricks and tips to crack the jee mains exam with ease.

    Time Management :- Managing your time is the most important tip to prepare for your jee mains exam. Jee main aspirants should not waste their precious time unnecessarily here and there. Instead, one should try to save as much as time for studying for jee mains. Time plays a crucial role in preparation for jee mains.

    Knowing the syllabus :- candidates should go through the whole syllabus of jee mains so that he/she can know which topics are asked in jee mains. Going through the previous year jee mains questions is also as much important so that one can have knowledge of what type of questions are asked in jee mains.

    Grabbing the right study material :- The study material which one is gonna use for jee preparation must be good. Choosing right books for studying is also the major step. Good quality notes and books can play a major role in one’s preparation for jee mains.

    Here is the list of some must have books that one should consider while getting ready for jee mains :-

    Physics :-

    1. Problems in General Physics by I.E. Irodov

    2. Fundamentals of Physics by Halliday, Resnick & Walker

    3. Concepts of Physics Vol I and II by H.C. Verma

    Chemistry :-

    1. Organic Chemistry by Paula Bruice Yurkanis

    2. Organic Chemistry by Morrison & Boyd

    3. Inorganic Chemistry by J.D. Lee

    4. Numerical Chemistry by P. Bahadur

    Maths :-

    1. Trigonometry by S. L. Loney

    2. Higher Algebra by Hall & Knight

    3. Maths XI & XII by NCERT

    4. Co-ordinate Geometry by S. L. Loney

    5. Problems in Calculus of One Variable by I.A. Maron

    I hope this helps you. And all the best for your Jee Mains.

  • The approach for JEE Advanced and Mains are both different. JEE ADVANCED is based qualitative study, whereas JEE Mains is based on quantitative study. A good hold on all of the subjects and chapters of what the syllabus is can help you out in JEE Mains. The questions are moderately easy, and can be prepared easily.

    Go through the following, and these will be the DOs

    Divide your time between Physics, Chemistry and Maths so that you can study each of them daily.

    Wake up daily at 7 AM. Just brush your teeth and wash your face and have breakfast. Don’t take bath in the morning.
    Always start your day with maths. In the beginning of the day, you are very efficient and mathematics is the one subject which needs whole of your brain. I used to start with 5–6 hours maths daily.

    After doing maths, the clock strikes around 2. Now you will feel exhausted. At this time you may take your bath and have your food. Due to the bath, you will regain the freshness of morning. And now you may start with Physics or Physical Chemistry topics. These topics require a relatively lesser brain. Study them for as long as you can and then switch to the Inorganic and organic chemistry.
    When it is around 7 you can switch to the organic and inorganic chemistry because these subjects require a lot of theory and lesser brain.
    When you are near the end of your day ( I ended at around 1 or 2), just plan what and how will you do the next day.
    I used the following books for theory and problems :

    Mechanics : HC Verma and DC Pandey
    Waves and Thermodynamics : BM Sharma
    Electricity and Magntism: DC Pandey
    Optics and Modern Physics: BM Sharma
    NCERT for JEE Mains
    Keep one thing in mind that you should solve only “Concept Application Exercises” , Illustrations and solved examples of BM Sharma, no back questions. You don't have that much time to study it wholly, It's a massive book. However you should do above listed chapters from DC PANDEY and HC VERMA wholly. It is advised that the chapters should be done according to the following sequence:

    Modern Physics
    Electricity and Magnetism
    Get a good command over theory and then see the solved examples. You will definitely excel in Physics.

    1. Mathematics

    There are five books of G Tewani for mathematics. You are advised to do them. You don't need to go beyond those books. Do some chapters of JEE Mains which are not in JEE Advanced from NCERT or any other simple book like RD Sharma.

    Follow the given sequence:

    Coordinate Geometry
    Vectors and 3D Geometry
    You should do only single correct questions from the back exercises along with theory and Illustrations. Do other formats of problems in the 50 days gap between Mains and Advanced. Mathematics is all about getting clarity over theory and then solving a lot of problems. Do problems with a lot of enthusiasm.

    3. Chemistry:

    Physical :
    KS Verma for theory and examples.
    RC Mukherjee for examples and unsolved problems.
    Inorganic :

    Arrange classroom notes of a good teacher. Only good notes will do it for you. You don't have that much time to study lengthy books.
    V Joshi for problems: V Joshi has all solutions at the back. You will often see some questions involving facts you have never listened. So note them down and keep repeating them.
    Inorganic chemistry is all about remembering facts. You have to go through the notes 25–30 times. First slowly memorize individual chapters and then revise them on weekly basis. You need not follow any sequence of chapters in inorganic. With time you will see too many reactions common to multiple chapters. For example reactions of alkali metals with halogens are studied in both s block and p block elements. After a lot of mugging, your inorganic chemistry will get mechanised automatically. You will start predicting products of the reactions you have never seen earlier.

    Never dare to leave any inorganic or organic chapter because they are very easy to study and the questions in the exam will also not be difficult. So why leave them??

    Organic :
    In organic also you have to arrange notes of a good teacher.
    But here you have to study some chapters in deep detail. I prefer KS Verma for these chapters.
    General Organic Chemistry
    Reaction Mechanism
    Oxidation and Reduction
    Aldehydes and Ketones
    Do Himanshu Pandey problems completely.
    Do the chapters of JEE mains which are not in JEE Advanced syllabus from NCERT.

    For RD Sharma and NCERT Solutions,


    They upload (content development team)at least 1 video daily on their Youtube channel. You will find certain facts and figures about JEE Mains and ADVANCED too.

    We also have a app, link of which is given below, this will directly take you to the app camera page ( in case you have it, or app installation page in case you don't)

    Doubtnut IIT JEE Mains Advanced, NCERT Math Doubts - Check it once.

    Also, about the app.

    Try the Doubtnut app. It’s a doubt clearing app. All you need to do here is take a snap of the question that you have a doubt in and upload it on the app. You will receive a video solution for it within seconds. If the solution of your question is not available, you can ask the experts and they will make the solutions available within 24 hours.

    There are over 10,00,000 question solutions on the app. You also get lot of study material for grades 6th to 12th and for your JEE Mains and Advance preparation. You just need to select the class on the app and you get the required study material.

    Check this out:


  • So, let me start with the goal you should have while preparing for the JEE mains 2020.

    Preferably you need to score 250+ marks in JEE Mains which ensures a rank under 2500. This year it was noticed that the difficulty level in different shifts varied thus some people with marks close to 200 secured a good rank and some couldn’t .

    Now, let’s start with the subjects:

    MATHEMATICS - Since we have about 5–6 months to prepare for JEE Mains 2020, the DPP Series of Arihant and Cengage is an excellent option( the DPP series will be available in any second hand books shop seperately). Every chapter has about 3–4 DPP, which further has 100–120 questions each. Another options is R D SHARMA OBJECTIVE.

    • Doing 40 Year JEE and 10 Year KVPY +16 JEE Mains question paper from previous year is another good option. Although make sure to buy chapter wise books of these or it might become complicated.

    • Along with these follow a test series. Try to take a test every other week , it will help you analyse your performance and boost your confidence.

    PHYSICS- For physics you can again go for DPP Series of Arihant and Cengage or H C VERMA is another good alternate. Questions in H C VERMA are generally pretty long and are not that objective oriented.

    • For objective oriented questions you can follow D C PANDEY OBJECTIVE . And again 40 year JEE and 10 year KVPY +all 16 JEE mains 2019 papers are a must.

    CHEMISTRY- NCERT is sufficient for theory of organic and inorganic chemistry. Along with it make sure to follow a practice book . For organic use either Pankaj Chouhan or Himanshu Pandey , which comes with solutions in the book itself and for inorganic use NCERT fingertips.

    Now lets move onto study tips for the coming months.

    • Most important part is continuity. Make sure to study everyday.

    • For the first few months, focus on building your concept.

    • Take tests twice a week. it helps you analyse how much concept you’ve built.

    • Study with focus. Hours don’t matter, but the quality of each hour spent studying is what matters .

    • Set targets, and try to achieve those targets before the end of the day.

    • Practice as as many questions as you can.

    • Last but not the least, get enough sleep. Don’t over exert your body and mind .

    • Always remember, you’re what you choose to be. If you put in your mind and hardwork into something, nothing can stop you.

    Hope this helped.

    ALL the best!!!

  • If you are very curious about How To Prepare For Jee Main 2021, then I am here to provide you with some good important tips and techniques. JEE Main is one of the most popular and important examinations in India and the competition these exams hold is tremendous and why not. Through JEE Main Examination you can get direct admission to the IITs and nits of the nation.
    Here are some tips to crack in JEE mains :

    1. Have a plan and execute it
      Have a clear vision towards your goals, strategy and the resources (coaching or study material) you require in your preparation. The more you prepare ahead of time, the more you get clear on exactly what it is you want, need, or should do, the easier and faster you will move once you start the preparation.
      If you identify, plan and chase the important activities (study, practice, assignments) in your day; rest of the activities like watching TV, social, phone, etc will fall in place automatically; but if you fail to do so; then these lesser important activities fill your day and don’t let you focus on better things.

    2. Follow a routine
      A daily routine or schedule helps in managing time well between studies and other tasks. Try to study at the same time every day. You train yourself to know, as soon as that hour strikes, to fall into that mode of focus required to do your best study.

    3. You should know what’s the best time for you to study
      You should know what’s the best time for you to do the best study. Recognize your strengths and how your energy shifts throughout the day and plan your study schedule accordingly.

    4. Turn off all distractions
      Your best study comes in silence when you have good focus and concentration. So get rid of all the distraction that disturbs in your studies.

    5. Set Daily or Weekly Targets
      Set targets like what topic or part you want to complete each day and through the month.

    6. Number of Study Hours for JEE
      It totally depends on you. You just have to enjoy every hour of your preparation. It can’t be forced. What matters a lot is the quality study that you do and not the number of hours you do.

    7. Adjustment between the subjects
      You have to focus on all 3 subjects. your time-table should cover all subjects but sometimes when your mind says it’s enough of studying a subject for the day, it’s okay to move on to another subject. The adjustment is fine as long as you are finishing your daily work/assignment.

    8. Measure your performance
      Test yourself, or take someone else to help to test you. Check the analysis after finishing the test. If you can’t analyze your test, you don’t know how to improve in the next test.

    9. Avoid procrastination.
      When there is something you need to do to achieve your goals, do it at once. AVOID procrastinating. Often, it is the starting the preparation that is very difficult for everyone but once you begin, the actions just flow and before you know it, you are following a habit that is required to clear the NEET exam.

    10. Take study breaks as per your limits
      Efficiency does not improve by studying for 10 hours. There is a high probability of exhaustion due to long hour study. Efficiency is about knowing your concentration limits.
      Maybe you need to take a 20-minute break after an hour of study. Great. Do that. Get up and have a drink of water, walk around, listen to some good music, etc. Come back after the break for a next fresh study session.

    11. Consistency is the key
      Be consistent. Daily studies and practice is the most important skill you need to clear JEE.
      Good luck

  • Preparing for a national level examination like JEE Mains can be a difficult task involving a lot of time and hard work from the candidates end. The first thing to prepare for any competitive exam is to have a good strategy or plan, JEE Mains preparation requires a planned schedule so that all the sections of the examination are covered well. To formulate a proper and successful preparation plan the candidates need to take into account the exam syllabus, pattern, books, practice, mock tests, revision and more. This article includes the best JEE Mains Preparation Tips for all candidates.

    Everything you need to know about JEE Mains 2020 examination :

    • The JEE Mains exam is conducted by National Test Agency twice in a year (January and April).

    • JEE Mains is conducted for admission into engineering colleges like NIT, IIIT and others.

    • The syllabus includes 3 subjects i.e. Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics of class 11 and 12.

    • There are 2 papers of JEE Mains, Paper 1 for engineering aspirants and Paper 2 for students seeking admissions in architecture courses.

    • The duration for the exams is 3 hours and the medium of the exam is in English, Hindi or Gujarati.

    • The maximum marks for Paper 1 is 360 and Paper 2 is 390.

    • The number of questions for Paper 1 are 90 (30 from each subject) and Paper 2 are 83 (Mathematics 30, Aptitude 50 and Drawing 3).

    • For every correct answer 4 marks will be given and for every incorrect answer 1 mark will be deducted.

    The above points will help you to formulate a good preparation plan for JEE Mains. Now what you need to do is to execute your plan properly.

    Important books you can refer to crack the JEE Main 2020 Exam:

    • NCERT for all 3 subjects.

    • Physics: HC Verma, DC Pandey, problems in general physics by Irodov.

    • Mathematics: RD Sharma, RS Aggarwal, objective mathematics by SK Pundhir and ML Khanna.

    • Chemistry: RC Mukherjee, OP Tandon, organic chemistry by Morrison and Boyd, organic chemistry by Solomon.

    • Also try to solve previous year papers of IITJEE, you can start with previous 10 years.

    Here are some of the best JEE Mains Preparation Tips:

    • Know which chapter or subject needs the most preparation.

    • Prepare a timetable accordingly. Divide the months and dedicate them to a particular Chapter or Chapters.

    • Concentrate on the curriculum of the 12th Board exams for Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics, NCERT books are good for understanding the concepts

    • Get any unclear concepts cleared, JEE Mains tests your basic concepts and how familiar you are with them.

    • Create short notes of important points and formulas for revision

    • Sample papers are the quickest way of determining which subject or which topic requires special attention.

    • Dedicate at least 7 hours a day for JEE Mains Preparation.

    • Don’t let the doubts pile up, try to solve them as soon as possible.

    • Keep giving mock tests to analyze your preparation levels.

    • Keep practicing to increase your accuracy and speed.

    • Ensure you have scheduled revision time in the plan

    • Do not worry about the examination while preparing for it. Keep yourself focused on one thing.

    • Take care of your health by having a proper diet and study breaks, don’t over burden yourself.

    If you don’t go to coaching, you can still crack the examination as long as you are referring the right books and giving offline or online mock test, as said above giving the mock tests will let you know your weaknesses and you will come up with questions and doubts. You can clear these doubts yourself but it will take time which you don’t have so there is another option, you can try online apps and websites to clear them for you, like Doubtnut app which gives you video solutions of your question instantly as well as study material for the exam you are preparing for. So for the best usage of your time you should really try out apps like Doubtnut. I guarantee you it will be worth your time.

    Thus, by taking direction from the tips above and with a consistent effort, you can crack the most prestigious entrance exam of the Nation. It is thus very clear that hard work, sincerity, consistency and smart work is the key to preparing for JEE Main Examination.

    Just Remember, We at Doubtnut are always there to help you 🙂

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