What are the tips to crack the JEE-Advanced?

  • What are the tips to crack the JEE-Advanced?

  • Here are some tips that might come in handy:

    • Make an action plan before jumping into the preparation process.

    • Make a full day routine for your study which includes all three subjects.

    • Remember to make a plan which give the maximum time to math practice and minimum time to your chemistry.

    • Practice your chemistry. Do not leave it. It’s gonna give you the maximum possible score in your JEE exam. When someone scores big, definitely there maximum score is in chemistry.

    • Math comes with practice. So give at least 2 hours to math everyday. Do not skip your math.

    • Keep your flow of practice. A break can cost you a lot. So try not to take any breaks in your preparation. Try to keep it continuous.

    • Clear all your doubts. Do not leave your questions unanswered. It’s best if you can clear all the questions that come to your mind. If there is any question that you are not able to solve, upload the question on Doubtnut platform. You will receive a video solution of the question.

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