Can I still score 660+ in the NEET if I wasted my time in 11th Std?

  • Can I still score 660+ in the NEET if I wasted my time in 11th Std?

  • Of course dude!

    Why not!

    You can easily score well attractive marks of 660+ or even more if you start preparing from now. You have quite enough time to prepare for your NEET. But for that, you must be well focused, and well determined. Avoid all distractions. So, it's you who have to do hard work for scoring high in your NEET exam. I can only help you by providing some useful tips that will help you in preparing for the NEET exam.

    So. without wasting let's jump to those tips:-

    1. Go with NCERT Books:

    This is mandatory because the examination launched by CBSE and the questions would be retrieved from the textbooks of NCERT as stated in the CBSE syllabus for 11th and 12th classes. These NCERT guide books will all the concepts which you must be extremely thorough with.

    1. Grab more tests:

    Mock Tests must be your second priority which will help you to get familiar on the exam pattern and have you mentally prepared for the exam day. Tracking and measuring your performance in these tests will get you ready with winning strategies for the NEET exam. Mock tests conducted by coaching centers for NEET would be the best option as they scrutinize the exam pattern and prepare the most probable exam papers.

    No preparation is complete if you do not evaluate yourself regularly basis. If you find yourself stuck with a particular topic, then seek help from teachers in your NEET coaching center, seniors or your classmates who know that concept well. Whatever you do, just don’t ignore these topics which can cost you precious marks in the exam. All you need is revisiting the topic for better understanding, and some practice to perfect it.

    1. Prioritize topics:

    The previous exam patterns and the blueprint will reveal selected topics that are definitely important for the NEET IIT JEE program. Prioritize these topics and master them completely. Include them in your revisions more number of times and acquire a complete grip on them.

    1. Keep taking breaks:

    Study one at a time and schedule some free time for your brain. Taking short breaks and having power naps can help you relax and also release the stress out of your mind.

    1. Day by day or Weekend Planner:

    Day by day or weekend schedule will let you track your preparation and modify your timings and flexibility accordingly. This will improve your performance in big time. Rather than having a static routine for studying, create a dynamic schedule that would offer a change in your activities.

    If you are being trained at a coaching center for NEET, then they would provide you with the best schedule too which can reduce your workload at least by a bit.

    1. Let's figure out the Books for NEET:

    NEET Preparation Books

    You can find a curated book list that can help you crack the NEET successfully.

    • Physics Book: CBSE PMT 3 Volume sets by Aggarwal. P

    • Biology Book: Pradeep

    • SC Verma (Part1 & Part2) ABC Chemistry

    • Organic Chemistry Arihant

    • MTG CBSE PMT Dinesh - Chemistry Class 11

    • Class 12 Chemistry - Dinesh

    • Biology Volume 1 from Trueman's

    • Biology Volume 2 from Trueman's

    • Objective Biology from Truemans

    • Oxford Publication book of AC Dutta for Botany

    • Physics Vol 1 from HC Verma

    • Physics Vol 2 from HC Verma

    • Organic Chemistry from Morrison Boyd

    •Julio de Paula & Peter Atkins Physical Chemistry

    Finally, I would suggest you be optimistic. The huge competition that surrounds NEET could feel quite overwhelming. A genuine desire to succeed along with a positive attitude will help you face the challenge without feeling nervous. Only strong-willed and determined candidates are the ones who would ultimately get through NEET successfully.

    For more information regarding NEET, you can watch the attached video by Doubtnut:-

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