Which is the best online education provider for IIT JEE preparation?

  • Which is the best online education provider for IIT JEE preparation?


    JEE is one of the toughest exams to get into an undergraduate course. It requires a proper strategy along with complete hardwork and dedication.

    But wait is that it??

    NO!! It requires proper guidance because these exams don't just test your intelligence but also your time management skills and some others too. Nowadays most students are preferring online platforms for the preparation of jee. This is because of the fact that it has more perks as compared to joining these big coaching institutes. These online platforms offers video lectures which have become an interactive way of learning.

    Video lectures are just like teachers in school. You have to check the content, teachers, Time they spend on every topic, their speed and most importantly how much you grasp from what they’ve taught. You can study anytime.

    You can start these videos from anywhere.

    You can make your notes completely.

    There are some notable online platforms which i know. You may check them out.

    DOUBTNUT- Doubtnut is an interactive online tutoring platform which uses image recognition technologies, to provide solutions of some mathematical questions. To find the solution to a mathematics question, one has to upload an image depicting the question in mathematical signage.

    Physics Video Solutions

    Watch free Physics video solutions as per CBSE/NCERT/JEE/IIT guidelines. Expert at Doubtnut creates detailed Physics solutions in a very interactive video format. You can understand and clear your doubts to all the questions of NCERT(Class 6 - Class 12), JEE, IIT etc. Physics video solutions would help you to learn and understand the concepts of Physics in easy way.

    Chemistry Video Solutions

    Clear your doubts on Chemistry by watching free Chemistry video solutions as per CBSE/NCERT/JEE/IIT guidelines. Expert at Doubtnut offers detailed solutions on organic, inorganic and physical Chemistry in a very interactive video format. You can understand and clear your doubts to all the questions of NCERT(Class 6 - Class 12), JEE, IIT etc. Chemistry video solutions would help you to learn and understand the concepts in a very easy way.

    Coaching classes like FIITJEE, Resonance, Aakash, Narayana, Byjus, Sri Chaitanya and lot many having launched their CDs or pen drives or videos online. There’s nothing to compare amongst these coaching institutes online video versions. After all, in every video, the same syllabus is repeated. Only the faces are changed.


  • One thing that really bugs me is that people always believe the coaching is the only answer to their preparation for the JEE, and you cant really blame kids for believing that way because that is how we have been telling them, parents spent a fortune for their children, they enrol them into the best possible coaching provide them with the best possible resources they can, and students, well they take advantage, the sad part is because of this coaching culture the importance of self study is being undermine, a student is judged on the basis of in which coaching they are in, it has become more of a brand name now than, when the more emphasis should be given on the quality of study they do there.

    Now I don’t wish defame any caching classes, but what I believe is that, there is nothing wrong with the quality of education they provide, infact they do their part best so aspirants could actually get through the examination, what I need to change is the pace, in a batch of 60, how a teacher is supposed to ensure that the student has completely understood the concept, a collective pace often hurt some students chances.

    JEE 2020 Preparation would surely be one thing, if done right, would change your life I mean you would have so much visible improvement in your personality. JEE 2020 preparation can not just limit to coaching, the key to its success is your time and dedication, more time you spend practicing more are the chances of you getting good rank later. Coaching can surely be a helpful factor, but it is just an accessory.

    What do you need to prepare best for JEE 2020,

    • Someone to teach about the concepts
    • Study material designed in a way that questions matches JEE level
    • Someone to clear your all the doubts you will get along the way

    What could be the solution to all these Barriers?

    Doubtnut without any doubt is the best app you can study to get yourself the best help for your JEE 2020 preparation

    Does this app teaches you about the concept of various topics? Yes, it does. On the librry pge there would be videos taking into your preparation chapter wise and will introduce a proper learning method.

    Does it provide the study material of JEE level? Yes, it does. There are exercises along with perevious years question papers where you will find the most relevant questions for your preparation.

    Does this app clear your doubt? Yes, it does. Doubtnut app this special service on their app where you just have to upload the picture of your doubt and within seconds you will receive a video reply for your doubt.


    How is this any different from any coaching center?

    Doubtnut app is completely free there are no charges whatsoever, you just sign up and start you course they do not provide you Education on the basis of the depth of your pockets.

    And in case you have a doubt while practicing you can just upload the picture of your doubt on the number 8400400400 and within seconds you will have the video reply.


  • Youtube is definitely a platform nowadays where you can find the solution to some of your doubts. But when it comes to all the in depth and important question those channels might not give you accurate solutions ,try to sell you some package, ask you for a paid a subscription etc.

    That's where i think Doubtnut will be your saviour.

    Things i promise this app can offer you:

    Reliable answers:
    The solution videos Doubtnut offers you are reliable, there won't be any mistakes which makes it a good teacher for you just a click away. The experts at doubtnut are well trained professional who will give you the besgt and updated knowledge as per your requirements.

    Free of cost: You can access videos from class 6th to IIT JEE level study material solutions on doubtnut free of cost.
    All you need is the app and a good internet connection.

    Any time access:
    You will not have to wait till you meet your friends or a convenient for your teachers get your doubts cleared. Whether it's day or night or a national holiday;)
    all solutions to your doubt is just a click away.You can go to our site, use our app or just ask questions on our watsapp number linked below.

    It's free, All you have to do is click a picture of your doubt and send it to on the site or the number 8-4-0-0-4-0-0-4-0-0 and you'll be provided with answer videos instantly!
    You can download it from the playstore or go to the site directly. All you have to do is click a picture of your doubts and send it on the number given on the app and you'll be provided with a solution video instantly.
    This app is a great study buddy for your late night studying sessions when if a doubt arises , you can solve it instantly instead of waiting for the next morning till you meet your teachers or friends who could help you.

    I hope my answer helped.

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