Is IIT Kharagpur better than IIT Kanpur?

  • Is IIT Kharagpur better than IIT Kanpur?

  • Depends on what factor are you comparing.

    • Like if you want a huge campus IIT kgp is the place to go.(2100 acres is campus area of IIT KGP)

    • If you prefer academics IITK is unmatched.

    • If you want a great sports culture IITK should be preferable.(winner of inter IIT 2014,2015 &2016)

    • If you consider alumni , IITKGP has an upper hand but that doesn't matter much. (Sundar Pichai , A. kejriwal)

    • If you want some great diwali celebrations and cult fest IIT KGP will be perfect. (Illumination, springfest)

    So you see both are best in country and have their own pros. So it depends on you that which factor you will consider more.


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