Should I drop again for the JEE 2020?

  • Should I drop again for the JEE 2020?

  • Hey there!

    Well, this question can be best answered by only the one person. And that person is you yourself. I am saying so because nobody can know the your potential very well. It’s only you who can judge your decisions very well as you know your potential best. But if still you want some advice regarding whether to drop for JEE 2020 or not, then I am here.

    So, my first advice would be no considering that you have scored exceptionally well in your JEE 2019. As by dropping a year inspite of scoring great rank is totally a waste of time, resources, etc.

    But if you were not lucky enough to score a great rank, then no need to worry about. You just have left with two options with you in such a case.

    First case is that you have cracked JEE 2019 but failed to score a great rank to slip into prestigious government institutions. In this case, you can consider the option to drop so that you can improve your rank and get your dream college in 2020. Otherwise you can also get some good universities but only private if your rank is not good enough.

    In second case, I am considering that you have failed to crack JEE 2019. In such case, I strongly recommend you to drop so that you can give your best in JEE 2020.

    If you have decided to drop for JEE 2020, then this video will help you surely:-

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