Which is better, NIT Kurukshetra or NIT Hamirpur?

  • Which is better, NIT Kurukshetra or NIT Hamirpur?

  • You can decide which NIT is better based on the factors i have mentioned below:

    NIT Kurukshetra-

    • Superior placement record.

    • Proximity to major cities like Delhi and Chandigarh would give you good opportunities for preparation for higher studies.

    • Overall better exposure for NIT Kurukshetra students as compared to NIT Hamirpur ones.

    NIT Hamirpur

    • Infrastructure of NIT Hamirpur is way better than of NIT Kurukshetra. We have well maintained hostels and buildings. Ranked as the NIT with the best infrastructure.

    • Our faculties are good, on par with the top faculties of India. Classroom learning is highly valued in the institute, so you have to attend all the classes.

    • As mentioned earlier, NIT Kurukshetra has a better placement record, due to its location. NIT Hamirpur is slowly catching up. Average package of both institutes would be the same.

    • The location of NIT Hamirpur is a boon as well as a bane. Big organizations don’t prefer to visit our campus for placement. If they end up coming once, they do come again and again.

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