How is the placement in NIT Kurukshetra?

  • How is the placement in NIT Kurukshetra?

  • National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra (NIT Kurukshetra) is a public engineering institute located in Kurukshetra. In December 2008, it was accredited with the status of INI. It is one of the 31 NITs established and administered by Government of India.

    Here are the placement statistics of NIT Kurukshetra-

    1. CS and IT: They bag highest packages, their average is more than 7lacs and highest is more than 20lacs(24 to be precise).

    2. Mechanical : Many students bagged above 6 lacs, highest package 10lacs and the average is 5.5(in general).

    3. PIE: Students from PIE gets less opportunities when compared to mechanical students during placements, core placements for PIE is less. Average 4.5lacs and highest 8.5 lacs.

    4. Electrical: Average 5.5lacs and highest is nearly 10 lacs or more sometimes.

    5. Civil: I think it like riding a roller coaster when it comes to
      civil. Some times its on the peak and sometimes on the ground. Average 5 and highest is 8-10 lacs.

    6. ECE: Not very good actually, also ECE department is the most strict department here. Average 4.5 highest, 8-10(lacs).







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