How does one score 160+ in physics on NEET?

  • How does one score 160+ in physics on NEET?

  • Well,

    Physics in NEET is one of the toughest subjects for the biology based students who are preparing for NEET,lack of mathematics practice makes physics difficult and truly speaking.

    The most important thing in physics is to clearly understand the concepts and not mug up anything, as physics is of practical application more than a theory, to master the subject ,I would suggest you to go for the Doubtnut video lectures. It truly helps to excel in that subject. it will launch best video lecture made by IITian soon. so u could take help from there too.

    Scoring 160+ is not that easy ,it requires lot of determination and perseverance to achieve it ,but if you are strong at the basics , and good at mathematics , it is easy to Excel in physics.

    Few tips i will must suggest u:-

    • Reading the theory from ncert and notes which u made, along with solving the illustration problems

    • Solving the objective problems from module (marking important and difficult questions)

    • Solving ncert problems and solved examples.

    • Solving ncert exemplar.

    • Solving problems from DC Pandey.

    From now you should only study the most important topics of NEET Physics.
    Below are the most important topics of NEET Physics:

    Electronic Devices
    Heat and Thermodynamics
    Laws of Motion
    Magnetic effect of Current and Magnetism
    Oscillations and Waves

    Learn all the formulas as they are the backbone of NEET Physics.

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