How are the placements at IIT Bhubaneswar?

  • How are the placements at IIT Bhubaneswar?


    There is a significant increase in the number of core companies visiting IIT Bhubaneswar. This time more than 50 companies came for recruitment. Although there is no international offer made as CSE being a relatively newer branch here, still the performance of students is on par.

    Branch wise Analysis-

    1) Computer Science and Engineering -

    Highest- 39 LPA

    Average – 14 LPA

    Placement Percentage -100%

    IITBBS girl gets Rs 39 lakh annual pay offer.

    2) Electrical Engineering –

    Highest- 29.6 LPA

    Average – 10 LPA

    Placement Percentage -83.34%

    3) Mechanical Engineering –

    Highest- 31.5 LPA

    Average – 9.39 LPA

    Placement Percentage -91.42%

    4) Civil Engineering –

    Highest- 7 LPA

    Average – 6 LPA

    Placement Percentage -62%

    5) Metallurgy –

    Highest- 8 LPA

    Average – 7.62 LPA

    Placement Percentage -88.89%

    Overall –

    Highest- 39 LPA

    Average – 11.15 LPA

    Placement Percentage -87%

    Few things to notice that electrical and mechanical performance is really better than other branches. Also, it was the first passed out batch of metallurgy this year but it has performed quite well. Even CSE second batch passed out this year. IIT Bhubaneswar students have really performed better compared to past performance. This year maybe we can get some international offers.

    Note that many students opt for GATE, Civil Services, CAT, startups, higher studies and many other things.

    Good Luck !!!

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