Is it possible to score 120+ in the JEE Mains in 9 days from scratch?

  • Is it possible to score 120+ in the JEE Mains in 9 days from scratch?

  • 120+ is too low a target. Trust me, you won’t get any college in this marks. You will definitely need to score a lot more if you need a good college and a good branch.

    If you are asking to score these marks in 9 days, then yes it’s possible. But the minimum requirement would be that you have atleast some knowledge about PCM and you are ready to give 10–11 hours a day. So if you think you have those, here is the strategy:

    • Spend the first 3 days reading the NCERT books. You need to be thorough with the books of all 3 subjects. You will really have to work hard because in only 3 days you have to read 6 books. This will be hard and you have to give it a lot of time. So better not waste any time and start as soon as possible.

    • Try to read the chemistry and physics NCERT books first. They are important from the JEE Mains point of view. So try and read as much as possible. Then move onto math. Math is all solving. So you won’t be able to finish 2 books in a day. Take help from someone who has studied it thoroughly and get him to mark important questions.

    • Now spend 5 days in trying the mock tests and previous year papers. Solve as much as possible. This is the key point. All that you will be scoring will depend on how much you will be practicing on the mock test papers. Go for online mock test papers. If there is any doubt you can upload a pic on the Doubtnut app. It’s an online doubt solving app. That will help you alot

    • Relax on the one day lest and try to revise the formulas and shortcuts. Students often forget formulas under pressure, so it’s best to revise them on the last day.

    I think all that is enough to score more than 120 marks. All the best.

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