How do I study Maths for JEE (Mains 2020)?

  • How do I study Maths for JEE (Mains 2020)?

  • Well first of all, the JEE Math is nothing to be scared of. You need to realize that the JEE Mains paper does not try to trick you. Instead, it just tests your basic knowledge. So you have to prepare accordingly.

    Just practicing blindly won’t help. Yes i agree practice is important. But more important is to know what you are practicing.

    So here is a strategy to study math that can give you a score above 80 in JEE Advanced.

    Start with NCERT: As i said, basic knowledge is more important. So NCERT is the best way to get some basic knowledge. So always start with your NCERT for any subject. Solve all the exercises and the examples. That should clear your base completely.

    Solve Arihant/Cengage series: Solve any one of the 2 series. These are said to be the best for your JEE preparation. Not only will they clear your base, but they will also give you a lot of practice. I solved all the books in both the series. If you want you can go for both. Or any one is enough.
    Practice from either KC Sinha or ML Khanna. These books are great for your practice of questions.
    Now here are some tips for math as well.

    Practice daily for 2 hours at least.
    Solve at least 20 questions in 2 hours.
    Do not take a gap of a day in your practice.
    Do not break the flow.
    Clear all your doubts. Do not leave a question hanging. You can use Doubtnut for that.
    I hope this helps. You will surely get good marks if you follow this sincerely.

    All the best.

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