How was the placement of IIT Kharagpur in 2019?

  • How was the placement of IIT Kharagpur in 2019?

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    Well as we know that IIT Kharagpur is one of the top 5 colleges in India for best Engineering . So obviously placement would be quite good as compared to other . so have a look about IIT Kharagpur :

    The Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur (IIT Kharagpur or IIT-KGP) is a public institution established by the government of India in 1951. It was the first of the IITs to be established and is recognised as an Institute of National importance by the Government of India.

    The institute was initially established as part to train scientists and engineers after India attained independence in 1947. However, over the years, the institute's academic capabilities have diversified with offerings in management, law, architecture, humanities, etc. IIT Kharagpur has a 8.5 square kilometres (2,100 acres) campus and has about 22,000 residents. The students and alumni of IIT Kharagpur are informally referred to as KGPians.

    Institute Main Building, IIT Kharagpur

    Placements at IIT Kharagpur

    The international placements began in 2006.

    Two foreign companies, oil giants Schelumberger and Halliburton, visited IIT Kharagpur that year and offered annual salaries to the tune of $80,000.

    The reason for late international placements was that earlier the IIT, it had to abandon its policy.

    The top domestic compensation in 2008 came in at ₹1.8 million (US$26,000) per annum.

    In the 2011 batch, Goldman recruited 10 students on a package of ₹2.6 million (US$38,000) per annum.

    Barclays Capitil recruited 11 students with a compensation package of ₹2 million (US$29,000) per annum in December 2009. The highest salary offered till now is ₹17 million (US$250,000) per annum by facebook in an off-shore recruitment (of which [ESOPs] were offered valued at ₹10 million) in December 2010.

    The 2010 batch of BTech students saw 94% placements while the remaining preferred IIMs or entrepreneurship. Deutsche Bank recruited 9 students on a package of ₹1.5 million (US$22,000) per annum

    Here are some of the top recruitors of IIT Kharagpur:-


    So, overall, IIT Kharagpur rocks in placements and in every aspect !

    I hope my answer helps:)

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