How do I make preparations for cracking the IIT JEE in 5 months?

  • How do I make preparations for cracking the IIT JEE in 5 months?

  • Preparing for JEE Mains in 5 months is going to be hard. I am assuming that you have paid attention to the curriculum of 11th and 12th class and studied for the 12th board exam. You need to be smart about this and work hard.

    I am going to give you some tips on how you should prepare for JEE mains with the time you have left.

    • You have 150 days to complete your preparation, so you need to divide these 150 days in 4 parts, in the first 90 days you have to do your preparation and understand all the concepts, in the next 25 days you have to solve papers, after that 15 days for clearing doubts and bolstering your weak points and 20 days for revision.

    • Dedicate at least 6 hours daily to JEE Preparation.

    • Start by preparing from your stronger subject and quickly finish the easy topics.

    • You need to solve 60 questions from each chapter in which 10 should be easy questions and 30 medium level questions and 20 difficult questions.

    • You need to choose your books carefully because you don’t have time to read all the books, NCERT is the book to start with but I am assuming you have already read them for board preparation. So choose one book for theory and 2 books for problems.

    • Focus on clearing your concepts and how to solve the problem using the concepts.

    • In chemistry focus more on equations of inorganic and numerical problems that can be solved using them. Go through the important topics in chemistry those are mostly asked. Practice organic chemistry with all the process that follows its final derivation.

    • In physics you need to focus more on the formulas and how they are derived because some of the problem asked in JEE want to test your understanding of how the formula is derived so they will ask some problem that cover the in between derivation or assumption of the problem to solve the equation.

    • In maths you need to practise as many challenging problems as you can and learn derivations and core concepts.

    • After the 90 days preparation you need to start solving previous year papers and mock test to increase your speed and accuracy and to know your weak points.

    • Clear your doubts as soon as possible because you don’t have that much time left.

    You need to follow these tips and get rid of all the distractions in your life. You only focus should be one JEE Mains 2020 preparation and you should not waste your time because at this point of time every minute counts.

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    All the best !!

  • The tips to prepare for JEE Mains in the last five months.

    1. Have Well Planned Study Chart: Having a well described study program can help you know the number of topics to be covered in a subject on a particular day.
    2. Frame time table for study: framing time table is the best practices to keep your daily activities divided b/w Two needles of the watch.
    3. Focus on important and key topics: paying more attention on what are more important topics in each subject from the examination point of view, can help you streamline your study pattern as well and eventually secure better marks in the exam.
    4. Know your weak area: knowing your weak areas will help you turn into your strong areas if you are determined to do so. Do not take any subject or topic lightly.
    5. Can do crash course.
    6. Solve previous years’ question paper.
    7. Writing practice.
    8. Avoid Distraction.
    9. Stay fit and healthy.

    Cheers and Love


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