How is NIT Trichy in comparison to NIT Warangal?

  • How is NIT Trichy in comparison to NIT Warangal?

  • As NITT and NITW are among top 3 NITs in India there is not much difference in them.

    • Every day life :- As both colleges are NITs, there is not a significant difference in daily routine. According your timetable classes starts in morning at 8 or 9 a.m. and afternoon 1–2 p.m. is lunch time, classes ends in the evening at 4 or 5 p.m. Then you can do your own stuff. like other gov. institute weekends will be always holidays. Both colleges have various clubs, programs, students do extracurricular activities.Both colleges have very good hostel facilities.

    • Ragging:- Since both are good colleges so both are ragging free. There are state wise groups of students in which you will be interacting with your seniors and trust me you will enjoy a lot.

    • Food:- NITT is more towards south side of India, so the most of the items will be different for a north students and some students may face problem of food. Talking about NITW, being not too much on south side you can have have a good combination of south and north food.

    • Teaching & Placements:- I think NITT is slightly good in teaching, thats not a big problem even NITW has good faculties and even though mostly students do self study.But NITW is slightly better than NITT in placement.

    All the best !!!

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