How can I crack the JEE Advanced with a 2 digit rank in 6 months?

  • How can I crack the JEE Advanced with a 2 digit rank in 6 months?

  • First you need to realize what the exam is trying to test. It tests your problem solving skills along with your knowledge of the concept. So the advanced exam combines 2–3 topics into a single question and the student is not able to figure that out and hence, he loses marks. So this is the first thing you need to realize.

    Once you get it, now you have to start preparing for it. So you are preparing for the Advanced exam, I assume you are already well prepared for the Mains exam and you are confident of clearing the Mains exam. That means you are clear with your concepts. That’s the plus point.

    Once The concepts are clear you have to increase the level of the questions you generally solve. You need to go to the advanced level questions that challenge your thinking skills. So i would recommend some books for that.

    Mathematics: Solving and practicing questions is going to give a boost to your score for sure. The exam requires deep thinking and analytical skill which can be acquired through solving a wide spectrum of questions. Try solving the Arihant Publications and cengage Publication books within these 6 months. Also go for some online question bank like the Doubtnut app. This will increase your thinking spectrum and increase your problem solving and analytical skills.

    Physics: You have 6 months which is a lot of time. So first complete your Resnick Halliday reading. This will give you a deep clarity of the concepts. Once that is done, go for the problems in HC Verma and DC Pandey. Both the books have a good question bank and will definitely increase your thinking spectrum.

    Chemistry: Mostly NCERT is enough for your concepts and basic knowledge and you can clear most exams using this book. But for practicing advance level questions, you cannot rely on the NCERT. You need a good question bank. So pick any question bank which gives you a practice of advanced level questions.

    This covers your practice of the questions. In the final 2 months, go for the mock test papers. Analyze your timing and mistakes in each paper. Clear your doubts on an online platform. I recommend the Doubnut platform. It’s easy to use and simply the best. And do not forget to revise everything you have done. In the last 2 weeks, leave everything and go for NCERT books.

    I hope it helps.

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