Are IITs good for CSE?

  • Are IITs good for CSE?

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    Definitely, there is a huge yes for this question. Dude, IIT(Indian Institute of Technology)is the dream of every engineering student. In fact, IITs are very well known all over the world for maintaining their class in engineering programs. Especially, when it comes to computer science engineering, then IITs are considered best for CSE. So, there should not be any doubt whether IITs are best in computer science engineering…

    But one thing that should be brought to your notice is that not all the IITs present in India are best for CSE. The newly opened IITs or third gen IITs are not in competition with the top IITs in maintaining the stands for CSE engineering.

    Let me mention some best IITs for CSE for your convenience:-

    • IIT Bombay

    • IIT Madras

    • IIT Delhi

    • IIT Kanpur

    • IIT Roorkee

    • IIT Guwahati

    • IIT Varanasi
      The above-mentioned IITs are the best IITs for CSE engineering. One can’t even Doubt on the quality that these IIT maintains in the field of CSE engineering. In Fact, these are the top 7 IITs which are best in every engineering course.

    You can watch the linked videos by Doubtnut regarding your question:-

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