How good is CSE at NIT Jamshedpur?

  • How good is CSE at NIT Jamshedpur?

  • IIT and NIT are not different in comparison to study ,it's like other college .

    but yes here most of the students are talented in so many fields , because of course they had cracked jee main , NIMCET, and other comparative exams and then got admission in this college.

    Now if talking about the study in my college NIT JAMSHEDPUR we students study ourselves .

    Teachers and Seniors are so helpfull they are always ready to teach us , but never expect from teachers that they teach everything's to us, it's our duty and you can say it's our responsibility to study by ownself .

    It's a good college because First it is NIT. and the 2nd best part is. here many events are organised by our seniors like induction in web development /application,

    designing , and believe me it helps us in so many ways. We guys are always busy is some works .. and enjoying our life here.. so don't think much more. If you got chances to come here just join here to make your future brighter.

    Good Luck 🙂

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