• Is-NCERT-sufficient-for-the-JEE-mains-chemistry

  • Although NCERT books are necessary to clear JEE main but just doing NCERTs won’t be sufficient. NCERT covers a huge chunk of theory and concepts which forms the base for the subjects in hand, but to score in JEE Mains, you definitely need to follow other reference books as well.

    • NCERT is one of the best books for chemistry. You may even come across some direct questions from NCERT for JEE Mains and Advance exams.

    • NCERT has very well covered all the concepts of organic and inorganic chemistry. If you are thorough with each and every topic from NCERT, then scoring in organic and inorganic chemistry is not hard.

    • But at the same time for Physical chemistry , although the theory part is covered well in NCERT, it lacks numerical problems which makes it insufficient to just cover this book for JEE Mains preparations.

    • This book has be written in a short and concise way and covers all the topics , thus saving the readers’ time but doesn’t stand upto the mark for numericals as there are not enough numericals to practice.

    • You can use P Bahadur for practicing numericals for physical chemistry

    • You can easily score 90–95 marks out of 120 for chemistry just by doing NCERT.

    Other than that you can go for the following books:

    • For organic use either Pankaj Chouhan or Himanshu Pandey , which comes with solutions in the book itself

    • For inorganic use NCERT fingertips.

    Hope this helped.

    All the best!

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