What should be my preparation for BITSAT in the last 10 days?

  • What should be my preparation for BITSAT in the last 10 days?

  • Students prepare for BITSAT for 2 complete years and you want to prepare it in 10 days. That’s gonna be very very hard. I hope you are well versed with all the basics and the NCERT books because you can’t do that in these 10 days. If you are well versed, then maybe you can work enough to reach up to 300. I am not saying you definitely will, but if you work the way i am gonna tell, then you just might. So be ready to work because it’s a lot to do ahead.

    • Pick up the previous year papers and start solving. You don’t have time to do anything else, just start with your previous year papers and keep working. Solve all the questions. No need to record time. Just keep solving and study all the questions. If there is any question in math, that you cannot solve, go for online doubt solving apps. But do not leave the question.

    • Those will be your first 3 days. Now you are left with just a week. Take any mock test paper series. The Arihant BITSAT book and cd are best for this. If not available, go for online mock tests. You cannot skip that because this is what increases your speed and accuracy and you cannot afford to give up on that. BITSAT tests exactly that.

    • Do this for 5 days and solve 3 papers at least every day. After every paper analyze where you went wrong and why did you score less. Correct your mistakes. This will help you a lot and increase your score too.

    • Now only 2 days are left and nothing more can be done. Pick your NCERT book and start reading. This will give you a thorough revision of your concepts and you will definitely get help in a lot of questions.

    • Just a tip - do not forget to attempt the bonus questions. They are scoring and give you quite a lot of additional marks

    I hope it helps.

    All the best !!!

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