How is biotechnology at IIT Guwahati?

  • How is biotechnology at IIT Guwahati?

  • This question can be answered in multiple lines. I will try to touch as much as I can. I will talk about biotechnology as a subject, followed by career opportunities and working scope in india and abroad. Finally, I will touch down on placement and recent trends in IITG Guwahati Biotech.

    In Biotechnology we are trained in biology, analytical instruments and coding. This is apart from the regular courses for fresher.

    Biotechnology demands a lot of interdisciplinary skills to be mastered. Take any skill, let it be coding, designing reactor, production and optimization, molecular biology, process development, vaccine manufacturing, designing and building huge biological databases. All of these skills can be used separately and or simultaneously to solve the most fascinating challenges of human life. For example, the problem of MDR TB and Malaria. India is struggling to develop new strategy to contain these disease. We are loosing a considerable amount of work hours because of inadequate measures to contain these diseases. Any significant contribution to this aim will bring laurels to you and offcourse to IITG junta. Not only these, there are plethora of avenues which are not yet touched by the smart brains of India. The best opportunity for a biotech student is get into a good university abroad, after bachelors/masters/PhD from IITG, and do some considerable research in some potential area and then pour back the experience in India. If you check the profiles of recent faculty recruited in all IITs biotech department, you will be convinced of this trend. Keep in mind, when you get a good scholarship abroad it opens up lot of opportunity in terms of leaning new and exciting things which can help people back in India. Being in IITG, you are at the forefront, provided you are committed.

    Regarding the placements, I would say..we should not worry about placement from IITG in biotech because the Indian biotech industry is yet to uplift itself and absorb such high quality of students. Moreover, there is a gap in industry demand and academic focus. The expectations in terms of remuneration from a fresh IIT graduate is high. I can guess from my experiences, this has never been taken into consideration by the industry.

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